Make it stop and fair weather friends

My Mother always told me you can always tell who your real friends are when you need a favor. It works the other way as well. The guys who you thought were friends always seem to have their hands out when they need you and make you think you need them. My Mom is always right. Keep that in mind when taking advice from "friends" who find all sorts of errands to run when things are bad or who turn around and say "I never said that" even though you know they did.

Anyway, back to silver leaving aside all the fundamental reasons for holding silver and they have not changed take a look at Bill's charts below if you want to know where silver is going. We all make mistakes so it's time to man up and accept them as mistakes. My mistake was waiting too long to trade in some of that Silver for Gold. But I was willing to let it ride. I still am.

So you have a pile of Silver and you are asking yourself whether you should call Apmex or beat feet to the coin store.
Only two questions to ask yourself
Why did I buy it? and
What has changed besides the price?

Japan is still radioactive
The Dollar is still junk
Europe still has a debt crisis
The Middle East is still run by lunatics
Your home is still falling against any measure.
The White House is looking more retarded by the day and the politicians are still clueless shills for the banks.
and if you think the Osama boys are going to sit quietly then I have some Chinese made Antique coins to sell you.

So when does the pain end? Well take a look at Bills charts to get an idea. Massive support at $32 if we get that far. It would have been nice if Silver had run to $100 this month but it is not to be so we have to get back to reality now and be patient.

If guys like Sprott decided to sell a small portion of their physical and parlay it into shares then that sounds like a smart thing to do.

If guys like Jim Rogers say this; "They should have a rest. These commodities have been going straight up for several weeks, several months. It is good that they rest. Anything that goes straight up, usually goes straight down.

The things that have nice long term up-moves are the things that go up, consolidate, go up, consolidate, go up, consolidate. So, I hope that what we are seeing here is overdue normal correction in commodities and other things as well."

Then take heart the bull run is just getting started and remember these guys think on longer time lines than you or I and make their decisions on fundamentals not wishful thinking.  Fundamentally Silver is still a winner and these guys are betting millions not 20 or 30K.

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