To Chemo or not Chemo. Alternative Cancer (scientific) treatment.

The testimonial below is from someone I know through my cousin.
What she has to say is pretty important if you know someone with Cancer.
She was given a death sentence years ago and her options were Chemo and die in months anyway or try and find another route. Both her parents are Medical Doctors BTW. She is not cured as she is riddled with Cancer but what she has is an active and extended life years beyond what anyone would have expected. For others with less aggressive or advanced Cancer there are better results.

"I am sending this email because so many people have asked me about Immunepheresis, the treatment in Germany that has kept me alive against the odds in spite of a terminal metastatic cancer diagnosis. Please forward it to anyone you know in case it helps someone who has cancer to explore an additional medical treatment option.

I have been toying with the idea of becoming visible as an advocate for this treatment, after all, I am not the doctor in charge, and I am not able to speak for the medical side of things, but because of the way I feel, the happiness I'm experiencing, the 'extra time' that I know I have recieved, the physical strength, the power to be still here engaged with raising my kids, being with friends and family and doing my work in the world, I am compelled to share my story, and if it extends even one persons life, it will have been worth it. 

My clear intention in writing this is to be of service to humanity by being living proof that Immunepheresis works. And the more who know about it (like dialysis in the 50's before it went mainstream) the more can avail of it. I would love to see it available as an option under my medical insurance and part of what's on offer in hospitals locally. Some American patients attending the clinic have had the costs reimbursed by their insurance companies so it is heading in the right direction.

Imagine knowing, despite a cancer diagnosis, that you were not necessarily done for. That you could change your mind, open your heart, and engage in a medical treatment that uses the power of your own immune system to seek out and kill cancer cells wherever they are in your body? This is my experience of this metastatic cancer: a manageable health condition, not an immediate death sentence.

Right now as I write, coming into the summer of 2011, I am feeling healthy and well. I have a few aches and pains, but they are in the background. This is in stark contrast to the very poor prognosis I faced in december 2008 when I was told of the extent of my metastatic breast cancer. I sincerely doubt that I would be still here physically had I not had the option of Immunepheresis treatment, and I am very grateful that I and my family came to know about it when we did. It was just in time.

Here's how I started off. After the metastatic diagnosis I was exploring options, researching treatments and the efficacy of all the known modalities on my type of cancer. One of my Doctors told me that chemo wasn't known to cure bone metasteses and while we could use radiation for pain, it didn't cure the cancer. I'd done chemotherapy in 2002/3 and it was very tough. I wasn't interested in using up the rest of my life in chemo induced sickness when it was known to be ineffectual. The chance of achieving my current outcome was nil using conventional options. I kept searching, prepared to choose no treatment and to play out my life without subjecting my body to a chemical assault if something better than chemo didn't show up. I found out about Dr Lentz's treatment from a few sources simultaneously in a series of synchronistic events. My family, who include doctors and scientists, researched it and we decided to go with it.

There is a new website about Innumepheresis which was not there when I was first diagnosed and treated: It describes the treatment protocol and methodology in detail.

The first three treatment cycles were 12 tx days spread over three weeks with a break of about 10 days in-between. We measured results with CT scans. They showed clearly that the treatment was working. Currently, I typically go over there for a 5 day maintenence treatment around every 2 months. I have come such a long way since my original diagnosis; the tumors that were seen in my liver, lungs, omentum, hip, sacrum and thoracic spine have shrunk (lung, liver), disappeared (omentum), and in the case of the bony 'litic' lesions (which made a hole rather than a growth), are healing over with the type of sclerotic new bone that you'd see in a CT scan of a healed break or fracture. All in all I feel great and feel that while I continue to do this treatment, I will stay alive and be able to enjoy life fully between cycles.

Over two years have passed from that terminal diagnosis. I and my doctors in Ireland have noticed some important things: I am very much alive (contrary to all expectations), pain is minimal (again, contrary to all expectations) and joy is maximal. Life is stretching out in front of me, a gift: the present! The tumor burden has diminished considerably and as this cancer is immunoresponsive, should continue to regress while I continue to recieve the treatment at intervals of about 2 months.

The bottom line for me is this: I felt I wouldn't survive chemo again with it's inherrent challenge to the immune system and I am glad I risked trying Immunepheresis because I am most definitely surviving it! I feel now that I am living with cancer rather than dying from it, managing it as a chronic condition, slowly but surely shrinking tumors and healing bones. Dr Lentz is continuously working in his research lab for that next step: after shrinking it to nothing, to find the "off button" so it does not return. I am holding the vision for that. Staying alive for long enough.

If you feel that any of this story would inspire or help someone researching treatment options, please forward this email to them. Anyone is welcome to get in touch with me anytime for a patient's perspective. Please put immunepheresis in the subject if you're emailing or adding me as a skype contact so that you don't go to my spam bin. Thanks.

Of course the best person to call about Immunepheresis is Dr Lentz himself, so I include the clinic contact details below. Dr Lentz operates Praxis Lentz with his wife Dr Kiran Lentz and a highly trained nursing and support staff. Everyone at the clinic speaks fluent english.

Tel.: +49 8051 968482
Fax: +49 8051 968448
The more who know about this treatment the better I think. Please give others the information, let them add it to their options. It may come just at the right time for them too!
In addition to my physical treatment, those who know me will be aware that I use tools from a course that I teach called The Avatar Course. I continue to study and practise this material every day and am managing this creation of cancer in my life with gratitude, appreciation and love for the insights that it brings, and a fearlessness that I would be glad to share if anyone is interested. Just ask.

I sign off now, with much love and many good wishes for your continued health and happiness. I trust that you will be in touch if I can help!


SilverIsKing said...

She's a real hero for sharing her story. Thank you for sharing too.

The Big Setup said...

Interesting, I wonder if they used DCA on her too?

Louis Cypher said...

DCA ... I don't know. I'll probably be talking with her this weekend and I'll ask the DCA question.

DCA stuff

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this! your friend encourages others to contact her, but there is no email address in her post. would you mind sharing her contact details please - i am considering this treatment, and it would so help to speak to someone who has experienced it first hand!

Louis Cypher said...

I removed her address because it would not be fair to have her inundated with requests and spam. However, she is still doing well even after years of brain cancer. If this is your situation its possible that the combination of red light and green tea extract is what is doing this. The light therapy they are using is not new technology just an old one that is not cost effective for its intended use. As the red light allows the green tea extract to actually get to the brain.
There is another place which uses the same tech in Mexico
I'll do another post soon with details of my research into the Cancer industry.

Marine64 said...

I appreciate your story as my girl friend has small cell lung cancer and 8 chemo treatments did not rid her of it she is undergoing rediation to the chest area for 6 weeks and was in stage 2 after the removal of a baseball sized tumor from her right brain hemisphere and rediation on it. She just did Gamma Knife for 7 new metasticies in her head yesterday and is a real trooper. I will check with Dr. Lentz. Thank You, Joe USMC

Casper said...

Also check, where Ted from Bangkok has several natural treatments for cancer. Cancer is a symptom of an underlying cause (usually toxicity) and chemo is simply treating the symptom, not the cause. Remedies discussed on earthclinic try to focus on removing the cause and allowing the body to heal itself. It's just another piece to add to your arsenal when dealing with cancer. Lots of very intersting info in there when you dig around.

Louis Cypher said...

I have read through piles of books, looked though the stats reported on mainstream as well as off the beaten path stuff and have come to a couple of conclusions.
For stuff like breast cancer the stats are pretty horrible for mainstream and alternative. Although Mainstream chemo has better stats marginally.
For brain cancer the numbers favor alternative although there is nothing close to a cure for most. Personally I would be wary of subjecting my head to radiation. There was an article on slashdot recently that was using green tea supplements and red laser. Check it out. Early stage pioneering work but with some great results in the UK.

Casper, Unfortunately most "medicine" treats the symptoms and not the cause imo. I have read though the whacked out stuff and the mainstream but only the "alternative" guys look to or attempt to explain the cause. Unfortunately, they do like to make stuff up to promote their theories. For example most try to tell us that our crappy lifestyles and eating choices are the root of all evil and cancer. However, only recently there was an autopsy on a 2500 year old Egyptian mummy and it was concluded the poor guy died in agony from Prostate cancer.

On a personal note I know someone who recently started a supplement regimen as outlined in Suzanne Sommers book and after a week she was glowing. She looked years younger and healthier. Her body started pushing out stitches that had been in her for 8 years. Apparently surgeons used non dissolving stitches during surgery by mistake almost a decade ago.
I'll gather together the supplement list and post it along with when and why to take each one.

Trust nothing. Research everything. Demand statistics and proof. They are all quacks and not much evolved from applying leaches.

I have asked 5 different oncologists how best to prepare for Chemo and none of them suggested anything other than to stop drinking and smoking. Nothing about eating healthier or supplements. Again, treating the symptoms not the cause.

Worst of all in the mainstream is be very wary of what they are giving you. Know exactly what every chemical is and it's side effects. They have a vested interest in giving you as many drugs as possible for as long as possible. There is an unwritten incentive bonus plan in every clinic in Boston and that is one of profit sharing. I have to assume it's the norm across the country. In that sense they are not much different than the snake oil salesmen selling made up Vitamins.

It doesn't appear in any employment contract. It is an understood perk of employment. I know this because I know recruiters for these clinics.

Good luck to everyone dealing with this stuff.

I wish I could give out my friends email address in Ireland who is using the clinic in Germany but it would be unfair to her and her family as she spends so much time traveling back and forth that she has precious little time for herself or her family. All I can tell you is do the research and call them. If they can help they will help. They won't try and sell you something that won't help. They do turn people away.

She has no hope of a cure unless something miraculous happens. What she does have is more dignified and useful time thanks to the clinic in Germany that mainstream could not offer her.
In that sense she is fortunate.

HOT architecture said...

Dear Louis, This friend that you write of, that went to the clinic in Prien, she was my friend too. Fun and Joy were big things in her life and Gratitude was always front and centre. She was an inspiration to all of us at the clinic. Thank you for publishing this.

Louis Cypher said...

A great lady indeed.

Vanessa Tey said...

Hi Cypher,

May I ask if you know how this friend of you is doing right now? I m considering to send my mum for the same treatment in Germany. Thanks

Nichole Mercado said...

This is such an inspiring story. I know some people who chose alternative cancer treatments over conventional medicine, and each told me that they never regretted their decision. Thank you for sharing her story.

Rays1 said...


could you lets have info re: the vitamins and supplements for metastatic camncer?

Also, any idea of the actual cost of the Immunepheresis treatments? it seems expensive for those like me with little money?


Mrs Rainbow said...

Do you have any blog update on this? I would be interested to hear how this has panned out. Unfortunately, my husband has passed away from his cancer, not that he tried this... but it would be of interest to hear an update. Thanks... Michelle