Cold Fusion (of sorts) is ready.

Dr. Anread Rossi claims to have a working plant up and running capable of producing Mega watts.
OK so we have been down this road before with a bunch of failed experiments that could never be replicated but this time seems to be different.
The difference is the experiments have been replicated.  A large commercial facility was developed and it's new owners would only buy it if it was proven to work. They bought it based on their lead scientists recommendation that it does indeed work.
The big secret is is the catalyst being used. No one knows exactly what it is other than a combinations of some base metals. If this thing is proven to work then expect Sharper Images to produce the home version followed by imitations made in China that will likely blow you and your house to hell. All kidding aside the implications are huge if this pans out. I say if it pans out because if he is running a scam then he is doing it on a scale that would make Bernanke blush.

Here is the full text of the letter Rossi sent to Obama.

Dear President Obama and Vice President Biden,
This letter is to inform you of a very important new energy producing device that was named “Energy Catalyzer” or “E-Cat” by it’s inventor, Dr. Andrea Rossi. The E-Cat was demonstrated and tested on October 6 at Bologna, Italy. Scientists from around the world came to see if this wonderful new machine was real. Many chemists and physicists tested and confirmed continuous production of heat and the safety of the E-Cat. The impact of the Energy Catalyzer development is far reaching and will give the world a clean, cheap, safe and unlimited energy source.
The history of the low temperature energy production devices goes back to the 1920s. In 1956 the term “cold fusion” was used in a New York Times article about Dr. Luis W. Alvarez’ and his experiments with muon-catalyzed fusion. In 1989 two electrochemists at University of Utah, Stanley Pons and colleague Martin Fleischmann, announced to the world that they had achieved nuclear fusion in a jar at room temperature. “When current is passed through heavy water from a palladium cathode, the palladium absorbs deuterium atoms, which are forced to fuse, generating heat and neutrons”, they said.
The evidence is now clear; these experiments are producing heat energy and the outputs are too large to be chemical exothermic reactions. These are obviously nuclear reactions! Yet some establishment fusion and fission scientists were/are determined to discredit any claims of nuclear reactions at room temperature. This was a self-serving reaction to protect their hot fusion industries and jobs. Over one thousand experiments have produced energy and validated the process.
In recent experiments, Dr. Francisco Piantelli has shown that Ni/H LENR (low-energy nuclear reactions) are easier to control and produce large amounts of energy. Dr. Andrea Rossi and research partner Dr. Sergio Focardi have made improvements on the Ni/H reaction process and now have a 1 MW Energy Catalyzer system ready for commercial use. They are shipping this E-Cat to the United States where it will be tested and installed by the first customer. Every American can benefit from cheap, safe, and abundant energy for homes, industry, and transportation. The manufacture and service of these E-Cats will bring lots of jobs in this new industry.
The Ni/H LENR reactor/E-Cat is real and has been validated by top scientists from around the world. Let’s welcome Dr. Rossi and his wonderful “Energy Catalyzer”.  And lets not let those establishment physicists and skeptics stop the advancement of the wonderful E-Cats.
John De Herrera

More information can be found here:

1 Megawatt test


Warren James said...

On surface, this sounds good!! The next question is how the US dollar/military/oil complex will react to the news. At a guess, we will only see this technology in widespread use once the oil companies are done draining the planet.

in silver news, thanks to some of the discussion recently, this weekend I've figured out how to best represent the flows of bullion from the information in the database. Still a few more data challenges to jump over first, but getting closer every week.

GM Jenkins said...

Good? It would drop the price of gold to $100/oz. :P

I don't expect anything to come of this, but, in a sense, ithese kinds of potential developemnts do suggest why "quantitative easing" (or the more recent buzzword, "nominal GDP targeting") is better than "austerity" at this late point in our civilizational decline. Some technological deus ex machina can save us only with the former approach, which has the merit of buying time. Barring that, the middle class will be decimated whatever we do at this point, since we can safely assume, I think, that there will be no real reform when the foxes are guarding the coop.

Louis Cypher said...

The thing is it's out there. A supposedly working model of Megawatt capacity. It's bought a paid for and a completely independent evaluation should be available by Christmas. If it's real then it's a game changer. If it's not then the purchaser will be suing everyone involved.

Bad because distance is no longer a barrier to entry except for food. What's left of the manufacturing jobs in the Western world will be gone but temporarily.

Bad because the Dollar will be worthless. It's a Dollar/ Oil world right now. What could we possibly replace it with that's acceptable and useful to all nations especially those who make stuff. Hmmmm, it's not Gold but Silver.

Good because oil will no longer be the most coveted commodity on the planet. Maybe Nickel will be :) "So pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile boys smile". The troops will be on the next flight home.

Things don't happen overnight and the knock on effect will be felt at a local level as well.

Why would I want to pay say NJ $13,000 in property taxes when I can sell my house and head off to the middle of nowhere with my generator and pay next to nothing for a house and property taxes? I could do a little farming and maybe manufacture or just trade services with my neighbors for my necessities. I no longer have to worry about infrastructure except a road for delivery. Distance is no longer an issue of expense.

If energy costs next to nothing I can set up shop anywhere in the country and economies of scale no longer matter as much. Small towns will be the norm not the exception in America.

Water can be pulled from greater depths so irrigation is no longer an issue. Every where on the planet is now a viable place to live. Greenhouse could be up and running all year round.

Throw in a little replicator tech and we have Gene Roddenberry's future. We are pretty close on that as well. The big stumbling block with alchemy and replicator tech in general is power.
A huge amount of issues to consider but it comes down to how cheap will the power produced be? Cheap enough that you don't consider it
as a cost of manufacture will be a game changer.

Why would I buy that crappy plastic toy if I can make it at home using my 3D open source printer (available now)?
As that tech matures why would I buy anything from China? Why do I need dollars?

It might be back to basics but in a good way.