State sponsored kidnapping

Imagine your livelihood, salary and those of your colleagues being tied to how
many kids you abduct a year and you have imagined hell on earth for a lot of
families. Imagine coming home from work one day and finding your child
gone and your Wife hysterical. Imagine calling the Police and they inform you that they will look into it. Imagine the Police calling you back and telling you the State has your child and no you can't see them until you appear in court.

Imagine this is not Somalia and bunch or raggedy ass pirates but in the good old USA. I have deliberately painted the worst case scenario but make no mistake what I am describing has happened.
I'll get to why and how this could happen in a minute and why it will continue to happen.

Typically the scenario goes something like this though;
There is a knock on the door and someone with a two year degree from Child Protective Services (CPS) is at your door. They may or may not be accompanied by the Cops. They will say they have some report from a concerned citizen and want to see that your child or children are OK.

Being an upstanding citizen the parent assumes there has been some sort of mistake and all this can be cleared up with a quick conversation. So you invite them in and show them your kids.
The conversation lasts about an hour and at the end the CPS person will say; "Everything seems OK but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't follow up from time to time". "Would you mind signing this to say I have been here and will be coming back next week to make sure everything is OK"
It all seems so reasonable and civilized but once you sign that form you have just invited these people into your life for the rest of your life. My advice at this stage is call a Lawyer. Any Lawyer but preferably one who specializes in this stuff and sign nothing regardless of implied threats. However, I am not a Lawyer so seek a professionals advice. This is my personal opinion and advice only.

So assuming you have signed this form you now find yourself on the receiving end of endless visits that become progressively more aggressive. They will want to interview spouses and children separately. They will try to find inconsistencies. Your only defense now as you have signed the form is to tell them to tell them that all conversations will be recorded. You have to tell them up front that conversations are recorded otherwise nothing can be used in court or worse. They have to consent to be recorded.
You need to turn the tables on them and accuse them of racism. Even if you are Italian and white or you are Irish and White you can still play this card. Suddenly they are defending themselves against the worst thing they could possibly be accused of and it's on tape. There is no smoke without fire is their credo. Turn that against them and their career. Then tell them to get out. Again, personal opinion not legal advice.

So how could this possibly happen in a civilized country? Money. It's always money.
Every visit they make ensures their livelihood obviously. What is not obvious if they pull a child from a home and place the child in foster care their group gets a bonus that ensures they have a budget for the year. Every child they successfully place in adoption pays more. Every child that is considered disabled pays even more. So contrary to what you would think happens with CPS and actually protecting children they are not snatching kids from the ghettos. They are snatching the most marketable product they can get their hands on or the one that pay the biggest bonus and they are found in the suburbs and the younger the better.

Consider this: Nearly 700 Native American children are removed from their homes every year in South Dakota. They are extremely marketable in looks and have the added bonus that they are considered "disabled" which pays an extra $12,000 for permanent adoption.  Some states pay as much as $100,000 per child adopted to each group of these kidnappers to afford more computers, conferences and hiring other kidnappers. 


Anonymous said...

Hi. Some good reads on this blog. Thank you.

Yes and its mind boggling about more and more eyes being opened about the truth.

Recently I have come across this blog - it is startling but yet not so foreign if you are open to the patterns. Its very difficult to determine the truth anymore. I guess that's an improvement since before we didn't know that none of it was the truth.

There does seem to be an entity which wants to cleanup the world!! The White Dragon Society?? Japan seems to be a big part in this and they are tired of this fearful existence we live in now - ie a war zone mind and emotion.

There is a map amongst what you can read.

To summarize
Asia is tired of all this war mongering. If we look at things its been predominantly Americans involved everywhere under the false pretense of "keeping the peace".

It is becoming clearer why Russia is buying Gold openly and China undercover. It is becoming clear why there is this unbelievable demand for precious metals underneath all the paper stuff

Its interesting to note that 90% of the American dollar doesn't belong to America and so those 90% want to do something about it.

Then there are two videos to watch.

Well if you have read all that then well your worldview processed this .......

Louis Cypher said...

Thanks for the links I'll do some browsing this evening.

Louis Cypher said...

You should be aware that Fulford has claimed that he had a lizard (parasite?) removed from his spine.
I'm not going to claim to be the authority on all things but I really would say that anything he has to say is tainted but this revelation.
Fulford is apparently the source for Bix Weir's claim that the machines that control the price of gold have been turned off.
So I really have to put Fulford in the "Whack Job" column.
What he told Bix MIGHT be true but why anyone would tell Fulford anything is beyond me as any message he relays is suspect.
I wouldn't let him baby sit my kid and that is my ultimate litmus test.