New battery tech may change your mind about Electric Vehicles

I'm not a fan of electric vehicles, solar power or most green initiatives
mainly because they are usually mismanaged white elephants costing taxpayers money. I have no problem with Federal funding of R&D to develop big ideas but dislike the implementation of the immature tech that relies on subsidies because it is not cost efficient. 

I would love a Tesla because they are fast but the thought of having two or three of them just to get around for the week makes no sense to me. It's a toy, a hobby, it's a look at me I liked my Swiss bank account so much I bought my own Swiss bank.
Dump the batteries out of the thing and put a V8 that only runs on racing fuel in there and call it a day. What is required is a minimum of 2-300 miles per charge.

The US Dept of energy has a couple of targets when it comes to Electric vehicles. The first is 100 miles and be able to recharge the batteries a lot. So called "deep cycle" batteries.

The main focus on battery tech these days is capacity and it usually focuses on the Anode in the battery. Case in point the Israelis squeezed 1000 miles out of one battery.
Pretty cool except their aluminum-air battery may have an energy density of 8 kWh/kg but you can't charge the damn thing. Silicon is also looking good but the problem is it expands so no good for phones etc.

XG Sciences has developed a Graphene capacity of 1500 mAh/g with low irreversible capacity loss and stable cycling performance in life tests. This is a probably a game changer. Time to take another look at those boring listings on the stock market related to batteries


DASK said...

A misunderstanding of battery technology. Yes this is 5 times the capacity of typical carbon anode, but that will only add about 8% to the energy density because the cathode will have to be increased in size proportionately.

Further, life limiting reactions happen in the cathode, seperator, electrolyte and anode solid electrolyte interface (SEI, happens with all carbon anodes) as well as within the anode itself. You cannot simply consider a half cell reaction and go nuts.

This is not a game changer, this is a prototype demonstration of one of about 15 advances necessary to double current energy density.

Louis Cypher said...

From the rest of the article ..

they hit a milestone set by the DOE
"As one article on their site that was dated October 15th, 2012 states, the past DOE contract “will accelerate product commercialization by targeting 600 mAh/g reversible anode capacity and 1000 cycle life in 250 mAh cells,” said Rob Privette, VP Energy Markets. “. XG-Sciences achievement of 1500 mAh/g results are 2.5 times what they were expected to produce by the Department of Energy!"

I'll assume the DOE verified the results and didn't take them at face value.

DASK said...

Verified results, yes, but again that is just the anode. The DOE also has targets for cathode cap, electrolyte stability etc. A step forwards for anodes, yes.. but one of many targets to make higher capacity full cells work. To really increase the energy density of the cell requires 1)higher capacity cathodes 2) higher conductivity leading to thicker layers on the collecters (and thus a higher proportion of active materials in the cell and 3) stable chemistries at higher voltages.

I was at the ACS annual meeting and spoke personally with many top battery scientists globally and from the american national labs just last week.

DASK said...

Ps. long time lurker and love this blog.

Louis Cypher said...

Glad to have you here Mr. Dask. Energy related articles is not our usual stuff but like most people I have an interest. I'll be following this story as they are going into production shortly with smaller batteries. Any and all input from you would be appreciated.

S Roche said...

OT, but too good not to share. Don't know how I missed it the other day. File under Hostages To Fortune:

wan fuse said...


You may not think the battery tech is a break through for the reasons you outlined, but did you check out this technology: . I would be interested in your input on the subject!

wan fuse said...

pour some xylose on me!