RIP Mr. Hoffman

He did some great things. He did some terrible things. He always brought some thing to the table and made bad movies better for his presence.


dumnonia-watchman said...

Yet another talented life ended prematurely due to drugs.

Such a shame.

Unknown said...

Cant say enough about Phil. Like a lot of talented actors and artists, he was maybe a bit too interested in living life to the fullest, and discovering the new experiences offered by controlled substances, etc. A true loss. I had a chance to sit down with him at a 2009 new years party in tribeca thrown by a mutual playwright friend. He was pretty knowledgeable with econ/ investments, which is uncommon in hollywood, at least among people who arent studio execs... I recall his having some friends in the industry who had fallen prey to the Madoff scam. Phil wasnt outright bullish of metals, but he understood macro trends… or at least liked to talk about it, and act like an economist, as if he were prepping for a role in a Wall Street sequel. Definitely not econ illterate though. A stand-up fellow and a true loss.

Desperado said...

The guy was a douchebag leaving behind 3 beautiful kids:

Even worse he was a complete tool for the elites like virtually every actor in Hollywood and New York. His participation with all the other followers of molloch was despicable.

I would be interested if anyone here can list something he did that required real courage and helped to stop the ongoing corruption and decay.

Unknown said...

@ desperado... "The good is oft interred with their bones"... He supported the Red Cross, and was a tireless fighter of AIDS awareness... He injected good will into many causes.... See here:

Also, I've never seen Moloch rendered with two l's... That seems wholly inappropriate -- his name derives from the Hebrew letters mem, lamed, kaf... No need for a double L.. The only question would be what vowels to use... It's probably safer to follow your original tack and defame/ misspell deities after their untimely passing, or at least, in the case of moloch, after a drawdown in his influence globally...

dumnonia-watchman said...

Deperado, who do you blame for the ongoing corruption and decay to which you refer?

Is it the 'elites' you mention?

Well, sorry, but no. There have always been elites, everywhere.
Blame the decline on your fellow humans this time, it's a democratic problem.

It seems unless one is a revolutionary you will castigate them? Do YOU pay your taxes? Do you sit outside the European Parliament or the ECB with placards protesting to the elites?

I somehow doubt it, and even if you do, it's very poor form to criticise an actor for acting (and a dead one at that).

AdvocatusDiaboli said...


I think you are way to harsh, unfair and pissing the wrong tree. At least to me Mr.Hoffman appeared to be a nice pleasant guy (okay never met him in person), who apparently had problems handling his life. But who has never been walking lonely in the dark? IMHO you have to be seriously sick, in case you can always smile in todays times.

Regarding dead actors that serve the establisment and decay of society, why dont you bash Paul Walker? From the perfect presentable happy shiny people party of dumbed down consumptionism, in his roles as well as in his private life, while threatening other people even in his last death race?

Or how about Michael Moore, you're looking for some fake disgusting hero? Opps, that fat dude isnt dead yet, my bad, but I wouldnt be the one to cry after that one a single tear.
Greets, AD

Unknown said...

@ desperado...

Of all the people i can think of , he was the acteur who most enjoyed shooting movies or horse... Also, u have to realize that Art isn't necessarily about "improving" or edifying the world per se,... Sometimes its just about creating idealized fictional lives or moments that envigorate the viewers' life and make him say "wow"-- like 50 bags of blacklisted Red Bull smack jammed into a sock drawer and cupboard.. It's just, ... u can't say enough about it.

Phat Repat said...

Indeed, RIP Mr. Hoffman. I can't imagine the demons you were battling but drug addiction is an ugly monkey to be carrying around.

Just as MJ has been legalized, we need to abolish this farcical "War on Drugs" and seek alternate means of rehabilitation.

costata said...

Warren et al,

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With all due respect to the author of this post, Koos Jansen, please don't be put off by the name of the blog or the title of the post. I think introducing the word "reserve" may be a distraction and get in the way of understanding the potential of this initiative.


costata said...

Oops! KlickEx not ClickEx

AdvocatusDiaboli said...


ingoldwetrust with Koos Jansen was featured on the SGTreport.

For me personally I have decided to file anybody who ever entered SGTbullshitreport into the scam artists folder for real major big time bullshit.

Why? Sean G.Turnbull was some time ago really badly debunked, who he is, but those information was taken off YT by legal thread from SGT. Not that he appreared credible before, but that was really awesome.
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