Martin Armstrong's latest (third essay since release)

Martin Armstrong - Artificial Intelligence
Mr. Armstrong has a lot on his mind lately and he is pissed off. I don't blame him. Unfortunately, the notion of AI running the court system is a pipe dream. Everything can be tampered with. Even something as simple as a voting machine.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a brilliant idea. LC, In the spirit of Mr. Armstrong's vision, we would only have to have the AI program written and verified by a number of regular everyday young programmers that could be trusted to remain scientific. ALL relevant data input to be overseen by random officials that represent the public. AI to remain "offline" and in an untamperable vessel of some sort. Maybe a psych test to keep the sociopaths from getting anywhere near the goods?

Most humans cannot be trusted.


GM Jenkins said...
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Louis Cypher said...

Gotta disagree with you guys.
On the surface it sounds great but the unintended consequences are it doesn't take into account circumstances.
If a man steals a four dollar bottle of wine or steals a four dollar loaf of bread in today's system they get treated very differently. The Judge can make the call whether the guy who stole the wine did it because he likes wine or is he an alcoholic and needed the wine. One gets a fine the other gets help with Alcohol.
Whereas the guy who stole the bread probably need it because he was hungry. In that case the Judge would probably look to social services to help him.
AI would be great as a means of supplementing or keeping courts in check but running the courts would be a scary proposition IMHO. An AI could deliver a judgment without without conscience without taking into account personal or outside influences but it requires someone who has lived in the real world to deliver a judgment as why someone did what they did.

There is a pretty good story on automated judgments here;

I don't like automated judgments because even something as trivial as a speeding ticket or breaking a red light doesn't work. The local towns will change the traffic light cycles so that the yellow light only stays lit for 3 seconds as opposed to 5 seconds trapping the guy who thought he had time to make it before the light turned red. Coming to a town near you.

Anonymous said...

Some good points, LC. Maybe a compromise of sorts could be reached to meld AI into our current system? It's a novel idea that deserves further consideration, in our time.

My town only has 2 traffic lights! I actually prefer towns that have zero:)

GM - I concur. A little editing can go a long way in reinforcing credibility.