7th September 2032

 A few days ago I happened to click into Screwtape to have a quick read of a couple of my old blogs, it's interesting to see what I thought about things back in the old days before I became addicted to pills (the red pill, the black pills, and eventually the golden pill). I was so blind back then.

I noticed that Warren has put up a post earlier this year, so I thought I would share some thoughts too. I hope you're well Warren (we had a video call back in 2020, Warren and I).

Let's start with the topic you all love, gold and the monetary system. You'll remember that Another and FOA and their shill FOFOA all loved to paint the central banks as the good guys, and the governments as the bad guys. A cute narrative. But a lie. 

The truth is that there's a hidden worldwide power structure (HWWPS), and these entities control virtually everything, including all governments, all central banks, the BIS, the IMF, the UN, NATO, the WHO, and every multinational corporation and of course the media (including all of the well-known alt-media personalities such as Martin Armstrong, Vox Day, David Icke and Julian Assange, and FOFOA too). If you see someone with a blue tick on Twitter, you can be certain that they sold out to the hidden controllers. If someone makes the mainstream news, opposing any form of government policy, you can be certain that they are controlled opposition.Many shills push the narrative that America is evil and Russia and China are reasonable and fair. Many seemingly intelligent people seem to buy that narrative hook, line and sinker. Events that happen around the world are all orchestrated according to a grand plan, and the days of freedom in the West have been undermined by the evil ones, with Chinese and Russian agents playing key roles in selling out their own nations.

I could go way back into ancient history and discuss some of these events, but we will start with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi. The mainstream media and governments gave us a narrative (for Iraq at least), and we know for certain that that narrative was a lie, there were no WMDs. In Libya, they didn't really even bother to construct a narrative, they just took Gaddafi out.

So, the alt media guys give you another narrative, that both Saddam and Gaddafi were looking to start trading their oil in euros, or in some other African gold-backed new currency, and so the evil American empire took them out to protect USD hegemony. But that's another lie, because the US government doesn't give a shit about the USD or its people obviously. The US government has simply been the latest worldwide arm of the HWWPS, succeeding the British. 

The reason why Saddam and Gaddafi were taken out is because they refused to go along with the longer-term plan of the HWWPS, preferring to remain as independent nations. The longer-term plan is now pretty clear to nearly anyone that has become red-pilled in the past ten years. Here is the plan:



The HWWPS have been working on this project for thousands of years. In modern times, we have witnessed countless wars and genocides and democides in the past couple of hundred years, resulting in hundreds of millions of deaths. All the wars were fake, not one nation was truly at war with the other, they were all following orders from above, designed primarily to kill men. 

They faked a flu pandemic in 1918, and they have faked another one recently. On both occasions, the toxic injections were what caused millions of deaths and injuries, because the flu is not transmissible, and viruses don't even exist, they were a fabrication of the HWWPS in the early 1900s, when they captured the medical colleges and switched the syllabuses from natural medicine to pharma poisons. (Did you know that pharma in Greek means sorcerey? It does).

Now we see them faking a war in Ukraine, literally using paid actors as Ukraine's leaders. The goal of the war was to enable the Western governments to induce economic and financial collapse on their own nations. You may have noticed that Russia is thriving, and it still supplies normal levels of gas to Ukraine, but not to Europe. You may have noticed that Biden is emptying the SPR oil reserves and preventing oil fields and fracking from being developed. You may have noticed that OPEC is ensuring supplies are kept low enough to keep prices painfully high. You may have noticed that the UK government is deliberately scoring own-goal after own goal, destabilising markets with wild abandon. You may have noticed that a crunch approaches, much like 2008, but the Fed and Yellen pretend not to notice. I could go on here, it's a very long list, so I will just include the visit of Pelosi to Taiwan, now of all times, as another faked up conflict looms in Taiwan. Anything and everything is being done to crash industry and supply chains and small and medium-sized businesses, and to induce financial hardship, as well as living hardship during the winter ahead, on ordinary people.

When disaster arrives (probably before the end of the year), the central banks will print gazillions more, the public will demand it, and we will move much closer to the wave of hyperinflations that is part of the plan of the HWWPS, a plan they instigated back in Genoa in 1922. Itz coming folks, soon, within a few years.

I have described what is happening to friends as the resurgence of the Cold War. It's running hot now. The former Soviet Union faked its own demise (Jeff Nyquist is a good read on that subject), but all of the former Soviet states still follow the orders of the Russians (who themselves follow the orders from the HWWPS). Russia was never communist you know, do some research on 'state capitalism', that's what Russia had, the merger of Capital and the State, exactly what we now see in China, in Hungary, and more and more Western nations, and all around the world. The hidden power-brokers don't care about making profits, because they own nearly everything they want already. So they don't care at all now if multiple corporations and banks go bust, they have served their purpose as part of the plan. The banks especially will be the fall guys when the really big bust arrives, probably late in 2024. But that's just another diversion, as the HWWPS make their final moves for mankind's enslavement, via their ready-and-waiting programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). They will provide dole money for the unemployed, the retired, students, but with strings.

You want to go for a car ride to the beach with your family in 2030? Not going to happen, you will not be allotted funds for leisure trips (for the good of the planet, they will say). You want to have friends over for steak dinners? No chance, you will not be allowed more than a few grams of meat per day (for the good of the planet, all those cow farts). 

But before that arrives, they plan worldwide famine. You may have read about the increase in pressure on farmers all over the world. They aim to shut down as many farms as possible, returning the land to wilderness. They have engineered fertiliser shortages too, and are faking bird flu currently, to kill as much poultry as possible. Eventually, when shortages arrives, they will simply nationalise (steal) all the farmland, and then the famine will arrive within a year. Go read about the Holodomor, they have experience in this area, and desire billions of deaths. Did you know that Bill Gates has been buying up huge tracts of farmland in America (but growing nothing)? Did you know that the environmental movement sprang up out of the eugenics movement? Did you know that Boris Johnson's dad (Stanley) has written many many books on the subject of population reduction? Did you know they opposed nuclear power because they knew it would provide cheap energy to billions, allowing for huge population growth? Hence, Merkel (former junior commie party member) managed to shut that power source down in Germany, on a flimsy pretext. Just like Liz Truss shut down Britain's gas storage facilities a few years back. It's really not difficult to spot the actions and motives, when you know the plan. (Oh, Russia did blow up its own pipeline by the way, a nice move to further demonise the evil American Empire, with Vlad as always presented to adoring Western right-wingers as a man of reason. Nah, he's a snake, they all are).

If you are reading this, there's a very good chance that the vast majority of what I have shared above was not news to you, you probably were aware that geopolitics is as fake as national politics. Left v right is theatre, as much as China v America. You may not have realised that viruses don't exist, and you may not have realised that famine and enslavement approaches, although the World Economic Forum have stated publicly that by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.

How will they achieve that end? I expect them to announce a kind of debt jubilee, at the same time as they tell us that the market system no longer serves mankind, and that more enlightened management of the planet and mankind is required. So they will forgive all debts, but at the same time they will simply take ownership of all property, and everyone becomes a tenant to the state (but really to the HWWPS). Yes, it'll be the biggest heist in history, and it cannot be stopped. They may allow you to keep your bits of gold, and whatever bank deposits have survived the currency crises, but they will determine how and when you spend them. No more jet-setting holidays for the masses, no more high streets, no more pubs and restaurants, just smart cities, modern gulags, where you will only enjoy the planet virtually, via the digital virtual world they are building. They will feed you crap, make it hard to stay fit and well, induce despair and depression, and hope that you die off quickly, because, in honesty, they don't like mankind, and you are just a useless eater, in their view, trespassing on their planet.

If you're still reading, you may be thinking this all sounds incredibly grim. Yes, it is truly very grim indeed, this is a horrible time to be alive. We all know about the novel 1984, and the level of control foretold in the novel, of speech, of lives, even of thought. It's all coming to pass now, you have to be blind not to see it. As the evil insider Another said (but people like to forget): 'If you don't like this system, you're going to hate the next one'. He spoke truth there, but FOFOA did a great job shilling his lies, earning a living from it to boot. (You may find it interesting to read the postscript to 1984 by the way, included as a glossary of terms, because it shows that the slavery system didn't last very long).

I mentioned at the start of the post that I had consumed the red pills, and the black pills. Truth, followed by the realisation that the evil ones will prevail and billions will perish, and then most of mankind will submit to slavery. I also mentioned the Golden Pills, many of which I have eaten since 2016, and which have led me on a quite incredible journey into even deeper truths than I have revealed above, as well as a multitude of tests and battles. The past two years especially have been incredibly testing for me, but I endure it all, for the sake of mankind. Destiny, something I have come to terms with now.

I will be back shortly with a follow up to this post, when I will reveal what is going to happen on 7th September 2032 that will end this miserable period in mankind's history. I will also share some revelations that will make you think, but I'll give you one of those here and now, some inside knowledge I have been gifted.

When they introduce their evil programmable central bank digital currencies, they will use some kind of rfId technology, maybe a chip implanted in the right hand, or maybe the chip will be small enough to be part of a tattoo they will require the currency users to take. They will sell the new CBDCs are being 'as good as gold' (remember that phrase). The central banks have stolen the nations' gold reserves already, none of it is in national treasuries any more. A good heist. The tattoo they will require will be of a fine gold bar itself. As the wearer looks down at the tattoo they will see a tiny gold bar, 24 carat of course, with its finesse marked as normal with .999. But as they invert their hand to present it to the card readers at supermarket checkouts, that .999 will be upside down. Would you describe a worldwide system of digital slavery as...beastly?

More to come in due course friends, and rest assured, for those who make the right decisions in the next ten years, the future is very bright indeed. These evil hidden powers think that they have everything sown up for good, but they are wrong. They will not enjoy the 7th September 2032 at all.

Take care, and may God bless you all with love and Truth.

Russia and Gold

I went out for coffee and when I got back, Microsoft had riddled windows with spyware, a deadly virus was released on the world, Australian police used drones to enforce lockdowns, Antarctica had heatwaves, plastic became a plague, artificial intelligence is ruling our lives and Russia invaded Ukraine result-of-which we're on the verge of WW3. Hoorah!

It is worth attempting to scrape some value from the extreme situation we find ourselves in. Ukraine 2022 provide a unique opportunity to stress-test one of the bigger precious metal theories from the recent decade - the notion that a sudden massive demand for real physical gold would collapse the western banking system.*

Being immune from direct experimentation has allows this concept to thrive and mutate over the years. Here are some of the big variants:

- The 'paper gold' derivatives system would explode
- The United States Dollar would 'collapse'
- The major bullion banks would be crashed
- The Freegold era would be ushered in
- The COMEX would bust from individuals standing for delivery

This myth is officially busted. Here is the test in all it's simplicity: all Putin needs to do is to demand gas and oil payments in physical gold and hey-presto the economic system of his adversary would be on its knees without even firing a shot. Russia has the means, the motive and the opportunity - surely this apparently very-obvious vulnerability would have been exploited already if it were real? Or maybe Putin didn't get the memo on 'buy silver, crash JP Morgan'?

I raised an eyebrow when reading they had 'pegged' the Rouble to Gold starting 28th March 2022 giving the initial impression they were selling energy for gold using the Rouble as a proxy.  As I understand it, the arrangement wasn't a true gold standard because exchanging Roubles for central bank gold at a fixed price wasn't a feature - and in any case by 7th April 2022 Russia's central bank ended the fixed price arrangement so whatever they were experimenting with ended nearly as abruptly as it began.  The price of gold showed nothing noteworthy during that time period (my highlight).

In March, six Russian gold refineries had their accreditation temporarily suspended from The London Bullion Association (LBMA) which means they can't sell newly refined bars into the London market however 'Gold and silver bars produced by the refineries while they were accredited remain valid to trade, according to LBMA rules', which is why Russian bars are still present in the GLD bar listing. At first I thought this might choke the physical gold supply but article explains it away: "Bankers and traders have said the removal of Russian refiners would have little impact on the market and Russian metal would still find buyers in places such as China and the Middle East". Quite, since Russia's supply is quoted at ~330 tonnes/year. No disruption so far - could it be the physical gold market is robust?

Personally I still favour the idea of Freegold - having Gold as the ultimate neutral global reserve asset ** floating against all other currencies would limit the ability of governments to wage war and reduce their capacity for totalitarian measures against the general public. But until that happens we owe it to ourselves to abandon childish mythology in our understanding of the world.

* Market 'manipulation' is a separate topic - in 2022 we know regular collusion and manipulation of futures markets by the big players are very real and are well documented thanks to the myriad fines issued (link).

** At some point in history the US Dollar will no longer be the global reserve currency.  On this topic I recently came across an exposition by Ray Dalio (43 minute animated summary of his book - link).