Charlie and the Golden Ticket

Although things have been quiet, gold related discussions still boil away in the background with one gold vault in particular always moving back into the center of discussion: the Bank of England vault with its 400,000+ gold bars (holding approximately five times the current inventory of GLD).

The vault was recently visited by Prince Charles (link, with photos), Bron Suchecki asked me if the new photos showed any additional clues about the vault interior. Unfortunately the answer is no. The visit appears to have taken place in the main display vault which is already well known. I have updated our 2013 diagram with Charlie's estimated positions marked in blue.

If you can, show who's boss by getting photographed next to lots of gold!

The average rate of photographic disclosure via royal visits puts us way behind in any effort to map the interior, which is disappointing since there always seems the chance of catching out the big boys with definitive proof of collusion, corruption and the like. Unfortunately this is a pipe dream - the bank is in complete control over information which get released ... you see what they want you to see and nothing more. Even if we were somehow able to obtain a digital copy of their entire bar list, the best we could do with that info is match those numbers to other known signatures in GLD and other central bank holdings (where partial information exists) but it still wouldn't be enough to reveal any substantial shenanigans. In this respect they hold all the aces in this game.

This should not discourage us, and the fabulous inner workings of the chocolate factory shouldn't be kept under wraps. If there are any folk out there who have additional photography of the BoE vaults, feel free to send it through to bullionbars (at) and I'll update the layout graphic. Additionally if there are any BoE insiders who want to leak a bar list (even to tease us), please send your material using a pseudonym to the same address after verifying your life insurance is current.