Reserve Bank of Australia admits to holding only Unallocated Gold

This is a criticism of for the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) for their sloppy handling of Australia's gold reserves, lest they think they are somehow immune to scrutiny. During 2014, Bullion Baron (B.B.) has been on the case, pushing several freedom of information (FOI) requests in an effort to obtain some visibility - no less than three detailed articles HERE, HERE and recently, HERE.

Digging into the matter ourselves, Screwtape Files has hacked into their systems been fortunate enough to obtain a record of a phone conversation which took place between an RBA official and the Bank of England (Boe). The individuals remain unidentified but language pattern analysis indicates the conversation is authentic. For those of you without audio, I've taken the time to loosely transcribe the conversation (below).

(note: if the soundcloud applet above doesn't work, please use this link)