The (beginning of the) End

 Greetings friends!

We’re not yet at the end of the great bear market in gold (2011-2015), but I can confidently say it’s the beginning of the end.

[update 6/9] To clarify, based on a question in the comments, re: my statement to "expect a new low soon." Note that although the chart pattern suggests the next up leg in gold should begin when the $TNX/silver ratio hits the green line, in the past these points have been accompanied by a new low in gold first. So my best guess is that a new low is coming soon, while interest rates may also fall to keep the ratio near where it is.

[*update 6/15] Ratio is indeed still at 1.50 at the close of this week, with gold approaching a new low. One thing I should've made more clear is that the pertinent lows on this chart are for weekly closing prices, so a new low would be < $1158, which was the closing price the first week of March of this year. (It was also the lowest closing price in gold in 5 years, going all the way back to April 2010!) ...Working on some cool charts but no time yet to post.

Let it be widely known that I first called this 2 years ago. It actually surprised even me how relevant that post remains. 

However, I regret to say, a video I had posted at the top, the content of which I have only the vaguest recollection, but the titillation derived whereof I distinctly recall, has vanished…

Well, this one should be timeless. 

Note: Below the fold a chart that illustrates the trend in nominal interest rates since 1980, i refer to it in the comments