Martin Armstrong's new essay

Well worth reading and understanding the implications of what he has to say.

Mr. Armstrong like many others sees financial meltdown in our near future. What his models can't tell us is where we go from there.

I would suggest listening to this from Bix Weir:

I would also suggest tuning into what FOFOA has to say as regards Freegold:

I would also suggest you tune into Jim "Santa" Sinclair:

A helping of Jim Willie would not go astray.

Richard Russell of Dow Theory letters:

There are many others who are willing to put their reputations on the line. Some for money others for the greater good. The bottom line is we are in uncharted territory if the Dollar collapses or at least is no longer the worlds reserve currency.

There are many theories of what could happen or should happen all the way from a brave new world to hunting each other for food. See "The Road" for that particularly depressing thought. On second thoughts don't. I only managed to get 3/4's of the way through that miserable movie. It was just too depressing.

Best case scenario is Bix Weir/ FOFOA and worst case is "The Road". A controlled collapse by the good guys hurting many people but with a return to sound fiscal policy or worse than the dark ages.

What to take away from all this is we may muddle through, there might be a rapture leaving all the bankers here to fend off demons or we may simply have to start a new monetary system that everyone understands and can trust. We don't know.

But you can make some preparations if you see financial collapse in our future. Think "Mad Max" and "Bartertown" and you should be OK.
What do people want and what do people need?
The basics: Food, Water, Shelter and Self Defense.
Luxuries: Booze, smokes and toilet paper. 

If it's Hyper Inflation, Stagflation get them now before the prices goes up.
If it's Hyper Deflation get them now while you still can.

The message is get what you can now. 


sierra_hpbt said...

outstanding... thank you.

Warren said...

Sobering. Nice to get an insight into his software. Hm, software development has changed since he's been away - a good program manager and an army of distributed Indian software people reconstructing it might cost less than the $1B price tag he's mentioned. I get the impression Armstrong is toying with raising the dead (computer program) so he can peek once more into the future. Maybe it's time to quit my day job ...

Btw, I sure hope Soros gets shouted down at his conference this weekend. The idea of having a new global fiat currency float up is enough to make me vomit. Something sure has to change, things are starting to buckle.

Louis Cypher said...

Yeah, it was tough to read those graphs. I miss DOS, 16 bit color and Space Invaders :)

Yeah, he is overestimating the cost but I wouldn't trust any off shore dev co. to put everything back together again. No IP respect.
Heck, I could round up a few guys this weekend and have him up and running in 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, Louis, and the rest of your team:)

Thanks for bringing Armstrong's work to light for us. I was not aware until I discovered your blog. Totally fascinating what his model was able to forecast. No surprise that TPTB bastard MF's wanted him silenced. It makes me fuckin' sick. Sorry for the language, but it truly is a crime against humanity that this stuff goes on. I mean, what an amazing tool for us to see where we're going. Simply a beautiful thing and a gift if used for the greater good.

"What's done in the dark will brought to the light"

Thanks again:)


Louis Cypher said...

The man is a genius and a humble one at that. All of his essays are out there and well worth reading.