Silver Bubble part ruh roh

Just to throw some more info out there we have the bond market to consider.
It's tanking along with the rest of the confetti
From Daneric's trading blog

Disclosure: Not a big elliot wave fan but occasionally they get it right. Typically the herd will jump from bonds to equities. 

Throw in a chart of the (general commodities) CCI for good measure

Is there any need to post a USD chart? It's just too depressing for us Dollar holders :(
So it's fair to say we are getting a nice run in general commodities and Gold. Will that pull Silver past the $50 mark?

BTW where has Yukon Cornelius gone? His blog has shut down.

It looks like premiums for Eagles are falling a little. BTW this is an excellent site for finding low premiums.

Ebay completed auctions

A couple of bad screen shots showing price/ time / and money flows within the Comex
Just looking at the money flow and candles on Gold it says going higher and silver looks to putting in a sideways slight down before heading back up (IMHO).  Someone correct me if I am wrong here but it looks like the trend is intact. In other words a little consolidation with profit taking in Silver. But I'm not an expert with charting by any stretch of the imagination.
I used this as the source for charts


Anonymous said...


Yukon apparently got hacked the other night by someone trying to get his name. That was the last posting I've seen from him. I just started following his blog and was really enjoying it. Damn shame to see such a thing.

This chart stuff is neat, nice to learn a bit about it lately. The only T&A I'm familiar with is the kind with legs:)

Louis Cypher said...

That's a damn shame. I just discovered his blog recently. Hopefully he will put it back up.

Helix said...


I was lucky enough to be using Google Reader to bookmark multiple Blogs I follow and it seems to have archive Yukon's as well. I hope he comes back soon. For what it's worth, here's his last post 2 days ago:

Not Even Sure What to Say
by Yukon Cornelius

So I was just hacked. Someone was very desperate to know who I am. Whoever you are you could have just sent an email and asked. Was there really a need to go to all of that? I'm a private person and this is all quite troubling to me. I'm sure some will read all sorts of conspiracies into it, but I'm thinking it's just some very savvy technical whiz who figured he'd find out on his own way - who knows.

Anyhow, as I said - troubling. I told you I'd be off tomorrow. I'm not sure now when or if I'll be back. If I don't speak to any of you again I hope I helped you and I wish the world was a more open place where reason, discourse, and wisdom ruled. If I do speak to you again then I hope we can do it without people breaking the law and invading others privacy in order to find out something they could have simply had the decency to ask. For all I know someone might impersonate me (it's been done a couple of times already) so I have no template to provide you on how to tell the difference other than my words. If the words make you think, question, and ponder upon everything then it's me. Anyway, me and my Cognac and my very troubled mind are going to bed.

Louis Cypher said...

Thanks guys. Sounds like the work of someone with nothing better to do with their time.

GM Jenkins said...

Lotta good stuff here that i will have to digest when I have more time, including the Keiser links. Frankly I dont care if buying silver can or cant sink JPM - I think Keiser is doing God's work. It's astounding, really -- a coup d'etat has taken place in this country and no-one's aware of it. All these distractions and bogeymen thrown at us by th emedia while we get out pockets picked. It's sickening.

I agree with your guess that silver will move sideways this week. It needs to get a little closer to it's 20 day moving average -- it's at a historical distance from it.... ( from what I can tell - ). So unless you're betting on some signal failure this week, it's foolish IMO not to be hedged. But that's the beauty of physical: as per my post below, you wont even remember what price you bought it at 5 or 10 yrs from now --I'd say the "mania stage" might be 2 years away, judging from the performance of th eminers, and just by how shit tends to hew to the status quo until it absolutely can't

Charles said...

The loss of the Yukon Cornelius is a real shame probably due to nothing more than a pipsqueak code writer. It is obvious that the site in question has the built in security of a sieve. Yukon, if you are reading this, know that there are many out there who found value in your effort and look forward to seeing you back on line.

Louis Cypher said...

OK what is going on?
is gone now

Louis Cypher said...

My notion on the miners is that we know the Plunge Protection team are tweaking the S&P etc. but they have no interest in the miners. The momentum day traders go where the money is flowing and that ain't the miners.

The other thing that crossed my mind was the last thing you want to buy is a stock associated with a commodity that is in a bubble.
The fact that the HUI is pathetic to me is a sign we are not in a bubble. There is no mania. Zip. Nada. None.

Shares are for retail,
Options for traders and Futures are for Pro's.
Retail is buying physical. Smart money like Sprott are getting in on the ground floor of explorers and Juniors.

Maybe if/when we pop the champagne corks at $50 silver and it's a solid move people will figure out this is not a fad and will want a piece.

Warren said...

[tin foil hat: on] I was wondering when tptb would start targeting the blogging sites. SilverBleve found Yukon's last post in the google cache and reproduced it at the Watchtower. If one accept the notions of the multiples of trillions of dollars at stake with derivatives then a systematic rout of key information and contrary opinion becomes a no-brainer. Time to start mirroring these sites, taking copies, etc.

Given that the price increase in silver is self-reinforcing, then we are possibly about to see a parabolic rise in public awareness (following GM's notion). Given that TPTB cant really stop that dissemination, just look for whatever factors would slow it down or retard its progress and I think there are the answers. So things like CME margin increases, disinformation, etc - all serve to keep silver on that trendline ... moving up in price because that's the only direction it can move, but ensuring that the price rise is carefully managed. I'm pretty sure that's what we're seeing. Hence the massive effort to keep silver from reaching a new all-time high at $50 silver before the algos take that and rip it out of the hands of the most powerful banks. I can't wait to see what backup plan they have once that wall is breached - it will truly be creative. And the longer silver spends tanning itself at the $46/oz resort, the bigger it's move will be. I'm noticing that there is massive price highs around the end of the third month, so the end of June is going to be absolutely dazzling.

Just my 2 cents worth :) Where is Brian and KD? I might lose my wager. I thought I had figured out their pattern - especially after Brian drove into Turdtown with his beat-box blasting the other day.

Louis Cypher said...

I followed up with Bob Chapman on his statement about 80% premium payouts or whatever he said and he's got nothin', nada, bupkis.
So he may have picked up that story from here as you suspected.

Kid Dynamite said...

Warren - pattern? come on man - my pattern is that I debunk nonsense when it's written. I spend my time posting on this blog because you guys seem like you actually WANT to learn, understand, and know the facts. Many others do not - I do not waste my time with those who have no interest in reality.

I applaud Louis for recognizing that the 80% premium nonsense has not been confirmed, and instead looks like it's being re-quoted and thus magically re-confirmed anyway... I wonder, Louis - do you still believe WB is real? I know you said very recently that you do.

Louis Cypher said...

I believe Wynter Benton are real. I believe Bob Chapman said something for dramatic effect.
The 80% ????? sounds a little unlikely. At that price it would be cheaper to redeem PSLV and fly it UPS next day delivery :)

Warren was kidding btw. But we do like to look for patterns here. To watch for things that seem out of place. Y'know look for glitches in the Matrix :)

But yes we appreciate all opinions. We may not agree but that's what makes a market.

Warren said...

I very nearly won my 48-hour wager (lost by 1 hour 28 minutes). This bodes well for my time in Vegas next week :).

Yes KD - we are doing our best to flush out the truth :) You are a welcome visitor here as we recognise your contributions and frameworks as we determine the color and the shape of these things. I have found ideas are easier to work once treated like animals - study the ecosystem around why a certain idea flourishes and you get a whole lot more information about it. The sought-after benefit is the ability to produce a model of reality capable of withstanding scrutiny. The idea that 'wins' is the one which is fittest for its environment, i.e. sometimes it's no reflection on the merits of the idea itself. The silver meme has legs because of this environment of organised wealth destruction and robbery. Physical Silver may have no inherent value, but if enough people come to see it as a store of value then this changes the game for as long as the environment proves to be hospitable to the meme. An example of that is the confirmation to silver investors that they make a good choice. So long as those conditions exist, then the meme will persist. This, by the way, is also why the MANIPULATION OF A PRICE INDEX IS SO FREAKING IMPORTANT. Knee-capping the price on a regular basis has the same effect as spraying a mold remover on a surface to prevent unwanted growths.

For the record, I too believe the wynter_benton claims which were made. The other premium claimers appeared to be sensationalist copycats (I am satisfied with my own debunking efforts).

The charting stuff is unfamiliar territory for me, however I note that Adam (who has started posting again recently) has also whipped out a similar analysis/comparison (Gold Versus Paper).