Silver Double Bubble toil and trouble

GM, I decided just to do a new post and we peck at this with a clean slate.
The notion here is that we change this post and make notes on it as we digest and discuss available information so that hopefully by Monday morning we have a better idea of a short term or even long term game plan when it comes to Silver. So I'll go first and everyone feel free to jump in and edit or make notes on charts or just make observations and suggestions.
The idea here is to be completely open. Nothing is taboo. No suggestion is considered silly or crazy. No conspiracy theory is off the table. No trading strategy is considered bad.
For example sometimes in marketing you try and think outside of the box and it becomes forced and non productive. To counter that it can be productive to try and think of the worst campaign slogans or the worst strategies. Sometimes while trying to refine a product for production it can be fun to say "how could we possibly make this product worse?" it helps eliminate and possibly predict points of failure. So this is a little bit social experiment and a little bit of fun as well.

There is a text "strike through" option as this evolves we may put to use. The bottom line is there are no rules and if someone else out there wants to participate feel free to ask an we can set up temp writing privs.
The only rule is park your ego at the door and keep it civil :)

Following GM's lead the first chart is from Google Trends and it's simply a query of how many people used the search terms "buy silver" and "sell silver"

To me this clearly shows there is still twice as many people interested in buying than selling.

The Second chart is one I'm sure everyone is familiar with. The question is where are we on this one.
(Sorry couldn't find a better one than this)

This is obviously silver (not up to date) Is this the right starting date? and trying to match this chart against the chart above where does that put us? We are definitely in the awareness. Are we past it and into public?
Unless the public is too busy watching dancing with goats then chances are they are aware. Are we being contrary for the sake of contrary (which is not contrary at all)?

So on the surface we have the Silver "Rhino horn" and according Jim Sinclair we should sell when we see Rhino horns. I haven't tuned into radio Santa so I don't know what he is saying about Silver at this time. People like Mish have already traded their silver in for Gold.
On the other hand we have this
and of course the whole Wynter Benton saga whose end game is to get Blythe fired after bleeding her dry.
I'm going to come right out and say it ... I believe Wynter_Benton is real. I'm out of the closet now :)
James Turk is calling for higher silver prices this year etc etc.

Edit: It looks the bankers have reduced their shorts by 26 million oz per the COT report. Count that in the bullish column. In other words they got smoked and had to cover.

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/SleepingVillage/ said...

Ya know, I think it was the WB analysis you guys did that brought me here originally. The whole thing had a ring of truth to it, so I had to look into it more. It was sure entertaining if nothing else. Hard to deny that they really made some accurate calls, though.