Wow Armtrong is on a tear. Another new article


Robert Leroy Parker said...

Sounds like he is backtracking a bit on his gold predictions in the last paragraph.

Whats the deal with the princeton name? Does he have any association with the actual princeton? I'm having trouble taking this guy very seriously for some reason.

Yukon Cornelius said...

Hey RLP,

No he's not associated with the actual Princeton. I'm also not sure what you're reading where he's backtracking on any gold predictions. He's always maintained gold will go much MUCH higher, his only variables have been when. He is absolutely worth your time. I think you'd find his history very interesting as well. Particularly around what got him put in jail in the first place. I think that would assuage any concerns you have about Martin's thoughts about gold. The man is a believer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how China announced today that they're planning to diversify their US dollar holdings and to focus on strategic resources and technology. Perhaps signaling to others that US debt is a shitty investment? duh:) Mr. Armstrong's piece asserts we're entering a new 8.6 year wave, "this Next Wave when the
public begins to figure out that stocks are the
alternative to more risky bonds"

It looks to me that there is indeed a shift in the overall trend happening right before our eyes, like his program predicted.

I like much of his QE analysis, mostly with the way he sees the consequences, the "two sides to every coin", and the problems with direct intervention. I don't think he's technically stating that QE will or can end, at least not anytime soon, if you read into it a bit. I could be wrong, though, I need to read it a few more times.

I really enjoy and admire how he thinks BIG picture, and long-term time frames, cycles and repeating patterns.

"Odin had to give his eye to Mimir in order to drink from his well, Mimisbrunnr, the well of wisdom. Straightaway Odin was filled with the knowledge of all things past and present, and even into the future could he look"