Wynter_Benton vindicated? 80% Premiums paid out to Silver Longs - Chapman

If you consider Bob Chapman a flake then skip this audio clip. At the 7 minute mark it gets interesting. If you guys remember the WB group claimed they were getting significant premiums to accept cash over delivery.
EDIT: I followed up with Bob Chapman and he has no first hand knowledge of this as fact. I would consign this post to the bit bucket but anyone returning to view this or reference this to bolster an argument should know this is not good intel.


GM Jenkins said...

Cool clip, thanks for posting it. But I'd consider the advice of a lot of these guys more actionable if they'd be more forthright with their sources. For all we know, he got the 80% from screwtape files!

Louis Cypher said...

Hard to say but one day the players will talk about their experiences and strategies and we may get some truth then.