145 to rule us all

New Scientist.com has a fascinating study based on 2007 data that tracks
concentrations of wealth and influence. It’s a natural eco system result
that power and wealth concentrates. Since 2007 the list has shortened.
Take a quick look at the link and scroll to the bottom for the list of top 147 as of 2007.
What is also telling is all but one of these entities churn paper. In order for these things to keep growing they need more paper or consume each other.  They can create new casino games or go to the source the Fed etc. because the investing public is no longer providing the guaranteed profits that they used to.

Martin Armstrong suggests don’t hang your hat on the notion that these guys collude in any way for that is the path to tin foil hat territory.

However, for anyone who cares to look a little deeper you can do a quick google to pull up say the list of Directors of JPM and Goldman Sachs and cross reference them to see what other positions they hold as Directors through this website http://www.directorsdatabase.com/
There have been studies that show the most highly paid CEO’s are those who have direct connections with their board of Directors on other boards. Typically by as much as half a million bucks more than other CEO’s in the same industry. 
Sorry can’t dig up the link for that study right now.
So it’s a you scratch my back on this board and I’ll do the same for you. I don’t see it as a vast conspiracy but simply human nature to trade favors.  It’s human nature to try and get your buddy a job where you work and human nature to get as much as you can while you can. Looking a little deeper into this elite club you will find they all have similar eduacational histories .  Make no mistake this is not class warfare of Elites vs. Eveyone else. Because the “Elites” are so few in number that they represent a club not a class.

But a word of warning to the Elites: If you continue to accumulate all the paper money what you are doing is sowing the seeds of the destruction of that paper.  If we cannot get access to the same paper then we will be forced to find alternatives to Dollars and the Banking system in general.

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