Herman Cain is a satrirical genius. Gold. Justice.

I was randomly flicking through the channels early this morning and came across this. It is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Herman Cain's campaign is apparently an art project. Satire that goes beyond the clumsy scribblings of Jonathan Swift or Plato. High brow art that Banksy would be envious of. Enjoy!

Noteworthy stuff from Matt Taibbi in which he wonders why Wall St. gets bailouts and poor people get Jail time. Obviously Mr. Taibbi is Commie.
The cliff notes version is this vile, evil Woman lied on her application for food stamps and said she had no criminal convictions (drug conviction). She was caught in this web of lies that threatened the financial stability. Possibly the very fabric of of society. Fortunately she was caught and forced to pay back the $4300 and got a jail sentence of 3 years. It is unfortunate the Judge didn't force her to pay for her incarceration and foster care for her children as that will be extremely expensive and heap more burden on the state. Fortunately, in this country we value honor and justice above money so we won't concern ourselves with the math.

Full article here

The big picture

Demand for gold is rising by 6pc a quarter as investors around the world become concerned about the debt crisis. They are accumulating the metal to protect their wealth and this has pushed prices to a record, the World Gold Council said. Various forms of gold are being bought: some are buying into gold funds, while others prefer bars and coins.
Demand from central banks in 2011 may be the most since at least 1970.
Gold climbed to a record $1,921.15 (€1420) an ounce in London on September 6 and is heading for an eleventh consecutive annual increase. Central-bank and government-institution purchases jumped more than sixfold to 148.4 tons in the quarter, the council said.
Central banks may buy 450 tons for this year -- the most for any year since at least 1970.

Bill Downey has a couple of self explanatory charts from goldtrends.net he also has some noteworthy commentary on his site. So click the link and take have a read.

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