Occupy Brisbane

The ‘occupy movement’ reached all the way down here to the antipodes, a long way from New York and it is unclear exactly what they hoped to achieve in this little country town. What they DID achieve was damaging the grassed area of city hall, with a bill to the taxpayers of an estimated $30,000. Some recursion there – where the taxpayer gets screwed picking up the bill for the damage caused by people protesting the taxpayer getting screwed. I would protest against the protesters except I’m too busy working to try and pay the bills and tax.

I haven’t seen the damage yet, but I suppose it is minimal – the local council here always looks for a way to give pork barrel contracts to their friends … like the $385 they want to charge for removing a small sapling blocking our new driveway which would take me all of two minutes to chop down myself except they won’t let me.

A few days ago outside our house we got a strange graffiti in the form of a Vendetta mask image spray painted onto a power pole. We saw them do it and were a little disturbed because it really looked like some kind of ‘death marker’. I still hope it was part of the Occupy Brisbane movement and not some secretive cultist symbol. Curiously the image has now disappeared – my assumption is the local police caught up with the vigilantes, charged them with graffiti and forced them to remove the images (which I assume were widespread, otherwise what was the point?). To all you 'occupy Australia' people planning your next series of brilliant moves, please keep off the grass. I'm still unsure about Brisbane's contribution to the global ponzi. And I still think the best form of protesting the system, is to possess physical gold :)

Good progress with the data routines – the download/extract/database load/cloud archive is now fully automatic. I am currently designing the unified serial bar number – i.e. a common unique key for all bars both silver and gold.


Louis Cypher said...

How big is the tree they won't let you cut down? What would happen if you cut it down? I mean the repercussions?
That sort of shit pisses me off and just on principle I would cut it down anyway.
As for the grassy knoll is it sacred grass that needs to be flown in from Inner Mongolia and blessed by a Shaman? $30,000?
Govt are as bad as bankers for just milking people shamelessly.

Swampfox said...

When it comes to gov't and banks it has become nearly impossible to tell where one starts and the other ends. Like a head inside an asshole inside a head inside an asshole the two are no longer distinguishable nor seperate from one another. I am finding it hard to get behind OWS because they have are yet to figure out that the problem we are having is a result of bad money and a lack of seperation between markets and the state. I remember a while back that Yukon made a comment about a global socialist movement to destroy capitalism was afoot. Not much of a conspiracy theorist here but we may be witnessing this process if even it is by accident. Human greed/fraud at the highest levels of government and finance combined with a lack of understanding of fundamental economics by the masses is spelling a bleak future for the working middle class who may own small and medium sized businesses.

To combat this problem I propose an Atlas Shrugs movement for the middle class - particulairly those who own and operate their own small/medium businesses. We employ the majority of human beings on this continent so what happens when we - as a group - stop paying our taxes - both corporate and personal?

Just a thought. I could probably go to jail for musing it aloud. Sad to think this may be what the world is coming to.

GM Jenkins said...

Funny point about the recursion. The cleanup associated with these events isn't hurting the bankers. Looks like JPM's stock is up 25% since this thing began.

I also agree that a mass movement of gold and silver buying would scare the shit out of the banker-government crime syndicate more than smashing a few atm's.

Pamplona said...

Any thoughts on Occupy's sister organization, Anonymous, and their apparent war with Los Zetas?

Louis Cypher said...

There is a cease fire on that one as too many blogger are turning up dead. per NPR the other day.

On OWS everyone expects them to go away with Winter coming. Some will but I would be surprised if they all do. IMHO some will get pissed off with the lack of response from the PTB and may go Timothy McVeigh or Uni Bomber on Wall St.

Pamplona said...

The unofficial "face" of Anonymous, Barrett Brown apparently has gone rogue and is moving forward on his threats to expose collaborators with the Zetas. He's implicated Ron Moore, the DA of Ashville NC as a Zeta puppet. Sounds like a desperate publicity stunt to me... If in fact they had this information, they should have released it to carefully vetted FBI/DEA agents rather than go public.

Louis Cypher said...

Good to know Pamplona.
Can we take anonymous seriously?
They made a lot of noise about bringing down NYSE recently but nothing came of it. Much like wikileaks and BOA it came to nothing.