Robin Hood Tax (update)

Ireland's Minister for Finance Michael Noonan argued in favour of a financial transaction tax at today's Ecofin meeting and dismissed a compromise proposal that it should only be levied in the eurozone.

 “We think there should be a tax on the financial sector, after all countries all over Europe including Ireland have paid a lot of taxpayers’ money to support the banking system. There must be a day when it’s payback time for the taxpayer,” Mr Noonan told reporters after the meeting. 

"Robin Hood" seems to be gaining momentum. From this jackass though it's Obama style pandering to the voters whilst tossing banker salad.  The reason I say this is because he is one of the morons who was, and is, willing jeopardize the stability of Ireland to bail out the likes of Goldman Sachs. It also deflects talk from the appointment of another jackass who lost, then found, 3.6 Billion Euros from NAMA (the dumping ground of toxic assets in the Irish Republic) (more on that later).

It's out there now and not just a minor talking point. We are at the point in the cycle where govt.s are scrambling and willing to lie, steal and turn on each other and their banker paymasters to preserve themselves. See below especially the commentary on Greece and the imposition of property taxes etc. 
We are all slaves.
I am getting pretty pissed off with all the lies.

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