Random stuff of varying interest from the inter tubes

The courts in Iceland will rule today whether Geir Haarde (former Icelandic Prime Minister)
was grossly negligent in the financial crisis. If he goes down expect a lot of others to follow. Hang 'em high or shoot on sight would be my recommendation. Reuters has a few scribbles on this if you want to know more.

Occasionally Digg.com actually has an article worth reading that bubbles to the top if only briefly.
Here is one that explores the various ways to not  pay taxes if you are rich

Mother of God two intelligent articles in two weeks on Digg. Here is another that caught my eye as well. It focuses on the possibility of ditching the IT staff and most of the infrastrucure in favor of the cloud. The example company is a little unique in that they appear to be a hoard of traveling salesmen selling a service. Nothing proprietary in the way of intellectual property to protect except a client list. Don't try this at GE

Tasers are back in the news after a $10 million award over wrongful death.
It's the usual story. Put idiot in uniform, hand them a weapon, instruct them in it's use which they ignore and bad things will happen. This time however the victim was in full health, young and no narcotics or alcohol in his system so there was no wiggle room with extenuating circumstances for the taser company.

Now this is truly fascinating. With a resistor, a small battery and a couple of wires you could teach yourself to shoot pool like a pro or defend against an army of zombie invaders like a trained navy seal. 
The premise is that using a few volts and tiny, tiny currents (current is a killer)  across your brain you can effectively enter "the zone". That's that emotionally detached feeling you sometimes enter where everything clicks. The problem with the zone is once you realize you are in it you pop right out again and trying to force yourself into it is very difficult unless you are trained Ninja. "The zone" might be defined as switching off the critical thinking part of the brain or self doubt which leads to hesitation and lack of focus. 

Next up Urban Mining screwtape style. No I'm not talking about cash for gold schemes scamming people out of their jewelry, snatching handbags or robbing graves. Although the grave robbing thing might be worthwhile if you have a good metal detector. Hmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to welcome you back to the blog, Louis!

Looking forward to your Urban Mining post... :-)

Louis Cypher said...

Thanks Jeanne,
It's good to put fingers to keyboard again.
That should really read "Urban Mining and Refining".
I'll put it up on Wednesday unless the whole financial system implodes in the meantime.

GM Jenkins said...

Glad to see you back, Louis!! Cool links.