Fake Fake Gold bar manufacturers story

Whilst helping a friend out with a crowd funding project, http://www.indiegogo.com/nthdeploy, I suggested he use the fake gold tungsten bars from tungsten-alloy.com as part of the "Banker reward". This is the one that is trotted out as proof China is making and exporting fake gold bars. We have mentioned them in the past as have ZH etc.
However, easier said than done when ordering. He wasted 6 emails and 5 phone calls trying to place orders for 10 Oz knock offs. They finally gave him a price of $300 plus shipping.

As part of this shameless plug stuffed with link baits please check out his geek reward prizes including his "light bulb repair kit", "CCTV anonymity kit" and his "Schroedinger's cat experiment". The project he is trying to raise funds for ain't bad either. The basic idea is to create a plugin for VMWare Virtual Center to speed up deployment of Servers even more.
Shameless plug over. Now back to the regular scheduled programming of bickering and name calling but all in the best possible taste.

Here is what is on offer for $300


Bron Suchecki said...

When he gets them it would be interesting to get some feedback on how good a fake they are - the sites of the fake manufacturers don't have pictures of their acutal output but images of the real ones taken from the web.

Anonymous said...

BrotherJohn in his latest video has used articles written by Screwtape Files to show how evil you are and how you are "bought and paid" for by the elite to stop people buying Silver.

As a "religious" person BrotherJohn obviously thinks you are the Devil in disguise out to reek havoc on his band of loyal followers who take his advice to buy Silver coins.

Are you reall the Devil and do you really do the bidding of the Evil Empire?

Louis Cypher said...

That's cute but he has it all backwards. We are are not shills bought and paid for. We do the buying and make the pay offs.

I don't think he will be buying them based on the price. I found some other fakes for him that were much cheaper but they are not intended to fool anyone.

Anonymous said...

You really should do a reply to BrotherJohn. Gun-fight at the OK Corral. He's called you out. Go for your guns!

Warren James said...

I just watched Brother John's video.

His thesis about our anonymity falls over if he only scrolled down on the about us page then he would have seen my full profile and picture, but he doesn't scroll down on that page!! Gawd I'm insulted. I've gone to great lengths to prove who I am and all the time, every time, people say I have a fake name!! Well I will keep trying.

Brother john fails to understand that the big guys may have been playing the small guys.

Well, first salvo:

Brother John:

- Thanks for the publicity.

- You gotta show the FULL profile page first. That was really dishonest if indeed it was deliberate.

- Your coverage of our take on the Wynter Benton story was abysmal and there was no reason to use it in the title of your video. If you actually read the articles you would be able to see the investigation and conclusions. The WB claims certainly were real and did exist, but the claims were fradulent - big time.

Anonymous said...

I also just watched BJF's video. I can honestly say that I haven't laughed so much in years. That was superb! A triumph of dishonesty and disinformation.

I might prepare a reply soon if I can be arsed.

Favourite things: we've only existed since May 2011: so untrue it's not even wrong (check it yourselves. He even shows links to pages much older than that...), and equating my bearish article with WB's bullish posts.

This guy is so unreal that I adore him!

Louis Cypher said...

I might have him beset by Incubui tonight just for fun.

GM Jenkins said...

Thanks for the heads up, duggo. I watched a few minutes of it. Seems like a kind-hearted guy, actually, and a fun guy to rip beers with while playing heads up poker with krugs, roos, and pandas. But truly a barbarian to the life of the mind!

I'll see if I can get my secretary to invite him to the next Screwtape gala.

Louis Cypher said...

Sigh. Curiosity got the best of me and I watched it. I want a refund.

Anonymous said...

@Louis @Warren @GM

I suppose I'm going to get the blame for all this: AGAIN.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Back to the coal cellar... :-(

Anonymous said...

@GM: Could you just remind me again why I've never had an invite to the annual Screwtape Gala..?

I recall last year, sitting there in my new frock and sparkly shoes, waiting, gently weeping, as the grim realisation that my date for the evening (your third cousin twice removed, if I remember rightly) would never appear.

Surely, after all the positive feedback I've brought onto the head of Screwtape thanks to my writing on the silverogosphere, I must be entitled to my own named invitation by now...?



Warren James said...

@GM +1 to the invite to beers and poker. There's a few others we could invite too.

@Jeanne, naughty, naughty, naughty. You know full well how sensitive those silver folk are.


I wonder why he BJF used the words 'Wynter Benton Screwtape' as his title. In my devilish screwtopian mind, that would seem to be designed to attract/be a SEO mechanic to pick up the term. Hmm ...