The Bill Murphy wager update

This is the correspondence between Bill and I regarding the wager. 
According to bill gold should be at $3200 shortly. Below is the original post which I sent bill in an email. See linky for original post

From: Louiscypher
cc: GATA

Dear Bill,

I read your piece via yesterday and 
was pretty much in shock. I assumed your account 
got hacked and some rogue hacker is now running 
around twitting, twatting, skit skating, spamming and flambĂ©ing with your good names. 

However, it's been 24 hours and there are no denials so I guess you guys really, actually expect the price of Gold to double in the next 90 days.
Now seeing as you have put this out there I'll assume you are going to buy some leaps and make some paper on this. 

Indeed (as newsletter writers like to say), as you are entirely comfortable having the general public make similar bets I have a proposal for you guys.

I will bet 1 Oz of 24K gold US mint issued coin that it will not double. I will also eat your shorts if it does double in the the next 90 days. If however it does not double in the next 90 days then you will give me a 1 Oz 24 K Gold coin issued by the US mint. 

Now I'll understand if you guys want someone to hold the coins and shorts in escrow. May I suggest the boys at ZH for the Gold and JPM for the shorts?

Louis D. Cypher

Read Bill's reply below

From: Elpresidente
cc: GATA

Subject: Underwear bet

Dear Louis (if that's your real name),

I read with delight your proposal and I accept but with one modification. I want you to wear those underwear for the term of the bet. If you lose we would like to come to our office so that we may film you removing and eating the underwear. If, however, you win the bet then we would like you to come to our office so that you can watch me eat them. I look forward to meeting you and hope the picture you sent is recent.


From: louiscypher
cc: GATA

Date:Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hi Bill, 

Good of you to reply. Unfortunately, my schedule of shilling for the banks, etc., doesn't allow me much time for travel, but I agree to your terms with the modification that I will mail them to you and trust you when you say that you will eat the underwear. There is no need to send me a video or anything. The picture is just some guy modeling the underwear. I am actually really, really hideous due a Ouija board accident. 


To: ElPresidente
From: Louiscypher
cc: GATA
Date: Thursday, November 8 2012


Well it's been nearly 90 days and I have to tell you it's a relief to peel these damn underwear off.

I haven't showered in two and half months and, honestly, I couldn't keep these underwear on another minute. This morning I took the bold step and peeled them off. Let me tell you this was no easy task. What they don't mention on the package is that these underwear get a little tacky with prolonged use.
They will contain a little more than we wagered for and, in the spirit of a gentleman's agreement, you are more then welcome to pluck out the extras.

I am sending the underwear to you c/o GATA today as there is little chance gold is going to hit your target and it will give you a chance to air them out. Let me know when you receive them and are sending me the coin.

You are a gentleman and scholar.

p.s. What did "Peter" have to say about his prediction?

*I will update with any further correspondence


Warren James said...

Gold!! Goes to Louis Cypher!

Peter is in a bind - he can't even use the 'Benny Dissapoints' excuse like Wynter did.

Aquilus said...

Excellent :D

Just one thing: change the date on the last correspondence (that mentions almost 90 days have passed) to November 2012

Louis Cypher said...

@ Aquilus
Thx missed that

Tony said...

My face hurts. Just to clarify, it's from smiling...not chewing shorts

Kid Dynamite said...
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