Eric Sprott's Third Bar List for PSLV

At the end of September 2012, Eric Sprott's funds quietly released an updated bar list, marking the third document for PSLV (and the fourth for PHYS). In light of this stupendous event, I felt it important to analyze the document!

My number of Sprott documents is now growing, the historical archive copy of each original document used in this analysis is accessible via the link, with the most recent one highlighted yellow.


PSLV (Silver) in the September Documents [PSL_28Sep2012]:
Three new brands of silver bars are introduced: UMCO, MHOV and ASMO, all of which are present on the CME Group's website (the previously unknown codes, remain unknown until I get the time to call the Royal Canadian Mint). The count in this document rises to 40,472,905.107 silver oz, an addition of 7,594,605.853 oz (since the last update in PSL_30Mar2012). Here is the country of origin breakdown for these bars. As you can see, most of it comes from Canada.
Eric was kind enough to pose for a shot with GM, JdA and I, despite his
schedule and all of us showing up unexpectedly in his office.

PHYS (Gold) in the September Documents [PHY_28Sep2012]:
Added 212,844.086 gold oz, new document total of 1,616,832.366
over half of these bars added (332 bars, total 132,123.325 gold oz) have a "2012" prefix, which suggests they were produced this year. It looks like nearly all the gold came from Canada.

Finally, I could not find any vault jumpers coming from GLD or SLV, this is disappointing again, but I will keep looking. This just (yawn) .. just looks like Canada is producing lots of metal and that Sprott bought some of it for his funds. It doesn't look like a metal shortage to me, but maybe some of our informed readers can comment.


Warren James said...

If we got more information about North American bar stocks, we may still be able to find some Sprott-based vault jumpers - I imagine it's just a matter of time before one shows up in the data.

The point of this article was primarily to highlight that filling orders from the local market does not look like supply stress - it's boring which ever way you spin it.

I'm about 40% through processing the ETF securities data. In the new year we should have most of these lists imported. I'm trying to complete most of the major imports including the data from other lesser known iShares funds (SGLN, SPDM, SPLT, SSLN).

Bron Suchecki said...

It doesn't surprise me most of it is sourced locally as that minimises transport costs and in the case of RCM bars, they don't even leave the mint.