Ben Bernanke is a genius

But, as Solon once said about Croesus, count no man happy until his stint as Fed Chairman is over.

As it stands now though, let's give credit where credit is due, and not let our favorite macroeconomic dogma blind us to what's been going on -- essentially since the double-tap commodities crashes of May and September 2011.  Interest rates are low and the stock market is high - and not only in worthless fiat, but in terms of commodities. On a daily closing basis, the CRB Index hasn't been so cheap in terms of S&P500 shares since 2001!

On a high-low basis, there's an inch of slack:
What about the ratio with the $CCI index, which is basically the $CRB without the oil? It just closed today at its lowest point since January 2008.

Meanwhile, the $SPX ratio with oil has been remarkably flat... discuss among yourselves.

While I too get a kick out of the Brother JohnF silverbugs who think silver is the Most Important Thing In The World, I've found ratios of various asset classes with silver to have an uncanny regularity and therefore predictive value to them. It's not merely some kind of chartist's bias, I don't think. Anyway, I sense big trouble for the PMs if silver falls below the horizontal line here.


Biosci said...

Well, that was fun. Anyone taking bets on gold stopping at 1600?

Anonymous said...

Off topic but I must mention this:-

This morning I nearly fell off my chair laughing listening to BrotherJohn. It seems that the reason for Silver not being many times it's present value is because it's not only manipulated but suffers from not being mentioned by Jim Rogers.

Yes that's right! Because Jim Rogers NEVER mentioned Silver in his writings that means he is part of the conspiracy to keep Silver down in price.

Bix Weir and BrotherJohn are convinced that Jim Rogers is part of some Machiavellian plot.

BrotherJohn also went on to hint that maybe Warren Buffett didn't sell his Silver but is hiding it waiting for the right moment (presumably with the help of Jim) to buy the World when Silver reaches $100,000 an ounce.

BrotherJon is the best comedy show on the internet. A must listen.