Screwtape Themes (explaining the Blog)

The Screwtape Letters
Louis Cyper's favorite childhood book, a fundamentally different view of the world from an alternate perspective. We figure that if Screwtape had infested the modern world then everything would be digital, hence the twist of 'Screwtape Files'. Had a crack at writing a modern tale but it needs a lot of work (the theme/idea is that the modern financial system is perfectly in tune with the supression of mankind's spirit and brings out the worst in everyone with the net effect of most people being slaves for the parasites of society).

Devil's Advocate Stance and Devil Theme
You may not have noticed on first glance, but the background graphic is in fact a picture of Screwtape himself, a devil watermark. This is not because we particularly like the devil, but it's symbolic of the fact that we like to take the opposite stance of something, often just to see what comes of it. Sometimes known as being 'a devil's advocate'.

Cover from the original C.S. Lewis book

Prosimian Avatars
What started as a single picture of an Aye-Aye eventually became a fun theme. It suits the site imagery because this critter looks dark and demonic. Generally a new writer will adopt an avatar from the prosimian family although it's not compulsory. If you feel a little weirded-out on your first visit, then our job is done.

Famous Prosimians

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Common Themes
The blog is supposed to be a soapbox, where any individual author can vent, post research or ridicule obviously silly ideas. Despite the broad set of non-restrictions, the blog normally addresses the following themes:

- Technical Analysis: we want to make money so sometimes we share what we think about the charts.
- Line of Inquiry and Argument: Trying to collect up enough research and evidence to prove an idea.
- Research/Debunking: If a popular idea is full of shit then we want to expose it.
- Humor and Chivalry: We have a lot of fun!

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