China has a trade deficit?
Just picked this up from ZH this morning and it seemed so very familiar. I seem to recall Martin Armstrong writing about a similar happening with the Japanese when Japan was the boogie man. Our politicians at the time were whineing and complaining about the trade imbalance with the Japanese and an undervalued Yen.  A dude by the name of Martin Armstrong was brought in as a consultant and he told the Japanese to buy gold on the NY exchange. Presto chango the numbers suddenly turned around and our idiot politicians told everyone "hey all is well and America is strong again", or something like that.

So it looks like the Chinese pulled out the old Armstrong playbook and started buying everything not nailed down across all exchanges not just the US. So you have the Chinese buying Gold, Silver, Platinum, your grandmothers teeth, etc. and hey presto no surplus.

Unfortunately for Mr. Armstrong he is no longer collecting fat checks for consulting as he is sitting in prison. Fortunately for us Mr. Armstrong publishes brilliant articles for free to the public on a broken down typewriter. If you haven't read his work now is a good time to start.

Unfortunately, there is simply no way of knowing how much of the China "deficit" can be attributed to importing the precious because they lie more than our govt stats.
However, based on their admission that they are net importer of Gold and Silver it is safe to assume they are draining the world of everything.

Harvey Organ has a theory that they are the net short in the Silver Comex and quietly draining SLV.

Just a personal note. I have no idea if Mr. Armstrong did what he has been accused of. What I do know is if he did he has more than paid the price and then some. Time to let that man out of prison to make room for some real criminals. While we are at it let out the pot heads as their crimes are nothing compared to the crimes happening on Wall St. etc on a daily basis.


Sam Johnson said...

Armstrong did nothing. The government wanted his computer program because they could do even a better job of running their racket. He set his computer to self-destruct and the go NOTHING! -- so they put him in jail.

Louis Cypher said...

I have read a little bit about the case. Not enough to comment. What I would like to know is what method he used to self destruct his machine(s). When people do stuff like this they really haven't destroyed any info at all and it's recoverable.

Warren said...

Louis, what do you make of this news - this post claims he (Martin) is just this week released from prison! [Fri-11-Mar-2011] Source:
Why is that? Why the timing now?

[Also only new to this story but second to Louis' information above - if anyone wants to erase computer information, be aware that it's really difficult to do properly. Data recovery techniques these days are quite advanced.]

BTW, anyone get the feeling about the last scary dip that TPTB needed to do that so that the silver surge would not pop over too much dramatically over the sacred $36/37 line-in-the-sand? If WB wants to put the body bag into deployment then it seems not much more is needed to trigger. Next delivery month, perhaps?

Warren said...

I just read a bit deeper on Martin Armstrong. Scary stuff: to be targeted by the powers that shackle this world. I personally wish him all the best for his recovery from his ordeal.

Seems the only strategy TPTB is to suppress the message and the messengers who channel it(regardless of who they are) if necessary. Charlie Sheen next for lockup?

Louis Cypher said...

Hey Warren,
He said repeatedly sound money practices need to be in place before we can fix what is broken. He also has said we are not so far gone that we cannot fix what has been broken.
He has been so right about predicting the future that he might just be a prophet.

Maybe TPTB have woken up to the fact that their answers are not working and it doesn't benefit them if the whole world goes down the drain. Who is going to pay their taxes and tithes to the aristocracy if there is no money?

Unfortunately for the boys Martin Armstrong is not going to give them the answers that they want to hear. So they will take what they want from him and throw away the rest.

He has a lot of friends and supporters around the world who have worked tirelessly for his release.
It amazes me this man was locked up on the flimsiest of excuses and kept there but the head of countrywide is living large and his fines paid by the taxpayers of this country.

Hopefully he IS out and can obtain a passport. I did a quick google and found nothing really to confirm the news. This would be major news to a lot of people.

On the happenings today. Maybe WB and co. read this blog and took a hint about riding it down to support and then run it back up to collect more Benny Bucks? :)