Random Thoughts (Guest Post by Warren)

Just some random bits - since Louis has this nifty soapbox here and because I’m sulking. Amber won’t return my calls, but perhaps she is still hanging out on the Yahoo boards? Check this out if not already – another story about a premium (70%) to not redeem physical silver from COMEX. Again, it’s just someone’s claim, nothing documented [update: we are doing some forensics on this poster - see comments below]. Authenticity aside, the online community seems polarised on this issue, an entire spectrum with Kid Dynamite leading the charge holding his rulebook high; and being bitten on the leg by SilverGoldSilver forthwith. I get the impression now that many are no longer averse to the idea of premium-in-lieu-of-redemption. Even more believable if it is true that part of the ‘money’ handed back is in the form of SLV shares. HAHAHAHAHA. Remember kids (like SGS so eloquently put) they own you if you play in their sandpit. And if you think you're being clever blackmailing JPM then bear in mind that whatever action they take, they are just humouring you. If they were really threatened then you will more likely receive a petrol station mishap than a premium.

Strong Hands. I was musing tonight about how others are keen to get their hands on your money and the old adage ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’ really is talking about strong hands vs. weak hands when it comes to fiat. I had always thought the ‘strong hands’ terminology was applied to gold & silver but technically it’s no different. As I got into Silver and Gold land I noticed I became more like Scrooge McDuck - my hands have a stronger grip on all my asset classes.

Connecting the Dots. If you accept the idea that a human brain operates much like a quantum computer then we are all at work busily connecting the dots. Snippets of news, comments, opinions, rumours, egos, claims, but all put there by people who are contributing to the mess of memes that we call the modern internet. But each of us are operating like a cell inside some bigger organism – reacting to ideas and collectively shaping our own perceptions of reality. It is this perception that TPTB seek to distort and hijack. You are feeling sleepy – you will respond to neurolinguistic programming, and when I snap my fingers, you will awake and go and buy shares.

Television Rubbish. I don’t normally watch, but caught a bit of free-to-air TV this morning (we don’t have cable) and the stuff I saw there convinces me that everything in Japan is fine. Mostly it was the juxtaposition of the information – you know the standard method where they place two seemingly related (yet unrelated) items close together and because of the proximity, your brain unwittingly parses them as a single item. The information was seemingly good news about the reactor situation coming under control, promptly followed by a summary of how many estimated deaths in total from the disaster (the quake + tsunami part).

Brainwashing. It reminded me of similar brainwashing efforts - remember those television ads that ran about a year ago – the ones from the United Nations which talked about cow farts being bad, and flicks pictures of cattle next to images of burning rainforests and melting icebergs. The text was in about 6 (or more) mainstream languages. If your eyeballs see it, it goes into your head. Our 8 year-old kid sings the supermarket jingles with perfect mimicry, but we know we’re winning against the brainwashing because he occasionally asserts that the ‘.. burgers aren’t actually better at Hungry Jacks .. I like the Happy Meal better’.

Recapitalize the world with $100 Trillion? Now remember all those articles about the 100 trillion dollar recapitalization? With Debt money that would be suicide – but what about a gold revaluation (aka Freegold)? 5 Trillion dollars’ worth of gold in the world (give or take) ... revalued x20 gives about the right figure for a Freegold starting point. My view is they are planting these ideas in your head now so that when it happens we just shrug and nod like we always do. Just like the United Nations no meat ads which obviously work because for some reason the same kid has gone off all forms of steak and beef.

Would you like some salad with your Gag Order, sir? A few people at the Watchtower have mused about what happened to McGuire and the ‘bombshell that would put people in jail’. Today I read on MaxKeiser.com this interesting snippet: ‘ Andrew told me he had a bombshell but was bound by a court ordered gag-order’. Huh? A gag-order? Interesting. Ok, so either the excuse is just a cover for Mr. Keiser. Or it is real. Nothing quite like freedom of information hey? So what are they hiding? By the way, that same Cheviot Conference has video online here.


Warren James said...

[[ The 'strong hands' observation is just me being slow ... I'm fully aware it applies to shares as well. I guess this is for all those non-traders out there who think they don't trade but actually everyday they/we are making advanced credit and finance decisions. ]]

DarkMath said...

Why don't you buy a mini Silver future contract? You've got to get about $35,000 in cash to do it but it would be interesting to see what happens.

Warren James said...

Hello Darkmath, you are welcome here. I would love to do that, but the wife has expressly forbidden any further silver investments. I just watched this DIP go by before my very eyes.

Some of the next set of questions should be why doesn't SLV buy+redeem PHYS if they want physical - 17% it would be cheaper than a 70-80% premium, and why doesn't PHYS buy+redeem SLV if they are finding it hard to get physical, they can sell it for a 20% premium.

I know it can't possibly work like that, and I'm too dumb to work it out but I'm trying hard to put it all together in my head. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Louis Cypher said...

Nice post Warren.
The gag order could actually be read as a positive thing for us Silver bugs. It means at minimum there has been a submission of evidence. It COULD mean that the evidence is POTENTIALLY damaging enough that JPM/HSBC (or whoever is the counter party) in this case wants it kept quiet.

I chose my words carefully here so as not to get people too excited. But the dots are there for those who choose to connect them.

I am hoping that person on the JPM board who is claiming they were bought off comes forward. I have a few peeps who need to talk to them this week. So speak now or forever hold your silence.

Warren James said...

@Louis, someone on SGS just commented on the history of posts from 'doc366'. Normally I do but this time around I did not dig as deep as I should have. So, 'doc366' has a bizzare posting history - with about 357 posts stretching back as far as 2009 [here]. This means nothing of itself, but an observation is that the posts cover a very wide range of topics. Possibly a bit too wide - average of 1-2 per day with the same pattern : 'spit a bunch of information out there with "Read this story --> "'. Looks like? Google-related, some kind of ad bot to spam links and news. The 'JPM COMEX DEFAULT' is the first thread where the pattern is broken - where 'doc366' suddenly engages in conversation. Interesting, I wonder why? That looks like an automated account from some kind of feed suddenly taken off autopilot onto manual control by a human. Wonder who owned that?

Louis Cypher said...

I wouldn't read too much into it. doc366 might just be a news junkie with delusions of grandeur. A lonely shut in looking for attention. Who knows.

The ball is in "her" court. From the tone it seems they want a pound of flesh. Well "she" can get her pound of flesh by making contact here but she seems to have gone quiet now. We shall see.

DarkMath said...


Kid Dynamite mentioned how Sprott should have gotten his Silver from SLV. I still haven't heard why he didn't/couldn't do that.

I wonder if I could create a Silver Fund whose sole purpose is to drain the SLV of physical Silver. It would be like PSLV but more "rebellious" in that it would plug more into the Silver Bug community. PSLV is an merely an alternative to SLV but my Silver Fund :-) sole purpose would be to destroy SLV.

Do you like the idea? Now I just need to find about 20 million in seed money to pay all the lawyers to do all the Fund creation/regulatory bull shit. Oh well, I better stick to my day job. You've got to admit it's a great idea.

Warren James said...

DarkMath I like the idea, it's a great idea. But haven't you just described Wynter's game plan with chilling precision?

Though, Ambers' last post said they took the premium but they didn't take the silver (because it was claimed they didn't have any). link. Reading into what I know of their strategy they wanted physical originally but they were happy enough to get a premium so they could come back and do the same the following month. That tells me that the end of this month is going to be the same shenanigans we've seen at COMEX and possibly more of the same global false flag events. And that's the trouble with trying to apply any pressure to the paper metal markets - it's like boxing with a giant marshmallow.

The overpowering odour of RAT is everywhere so it's difficult to tell the source. My spidey-sense tells me that we're just playing the game that has been carefully laid out for us. These are interesting discussions and it's making my head hurt.

Personally I would be wary of being cheeky enough to demand a premium - I value my kneecaps too much.

SilverRunNW said...

Yeah, I was wondering about Andrew McGuire. Thanks for the Cheviot conference link.

I rather liked Hungry Jacks, but that was many years ago in Sydney.

Warren James said...

Louis, I did some more forensics digging on user 'doc366' from the yahoo posts (just trying to get the context) here are my observations:

1. This user, for roughly 90% of posts - is injecting abstracts from articles together with the link. The accuracy of the format is too consistent - i.e. it appears to be using a computer program to do the post, matching the article content to the forum location. Similar to something like this ... http://www.freelancer.com/projects/C-C-Visual-Basic/Yahoo-Finance-Bot.html. Again this means nothing except that whoever has access to the username + password for that account is basically posting news article links under the category of the relevant stock. We can conclude from that the owner of the account has an interest in promoting news but we also get a good idea of articles that catch their interest. There are a few frequent sites that keep popping up so this looks like an individuals reading list and he's getting help from his computer program to post the links. The text preceding the link format varies slightly each time, it is random enough that it appears to be rotated automatically by the software: "Read this article -->", "Read this story -->", "Read the story -->", "Read this important story", etc.

2. The remaining 10% have no links, and appear to be the user's opinion direct, which is the pattern for the JPM Comex default posts.

I think this increases the validity of the user : i.e. regardless of the reasons for site/stock promotion, there is at least a human behind it, involved in stocks and finance.

- All of doc366 x357 posts [link] Note: many of the older threads are no longer accessible, but are still indexed by Yahoo's search cache.
- All of doc366 Yahoo Board posts with 'comex' in them [link] (narrows down the history list, shows that the user has an interest in Comex silver ... some of these are unique writing instead of reposts of article extracts).

hiptwist said...

Sounds to me like some variation of astroturfing.
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astroturfing