Armstrong on Raj and Gold


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's a shame to see a once great nation fall, but I suppose it's a natural progression. Only that it has happened faster than it could have if people had long-term vision as opposed to the plague of short-term thinking.

The Patriot Act alone would be enough for me to GTF outta dodge, not to mention the multitude of other problems...

Louis Cypher said...

Mr Armstrong is a tad bearish
At the same time he has said he could fix this mess given the opportunity

Robert LeRoy Parker said...

I'm about to read it, but I think what rubs me the wrong way about cycle theory in general is the fact checking process necessary to validate any of it. Even if you were to dedicate all of your time to fact checking, details of timelines going back hundreds of years are almost impossible to verify.

And then any time a prediction doesn't pan out it can simply be written off as the side effect of some other cycle.

I don't like it.

Louis Cypher said...

Even the best Cyclists get it wrong - a lot.
But I like Armstrong's stuff whether he is right or wrong just because of all the historical perspective he throws in there.
There is something to it though IMO. Especially in Armstrong's case.
There are a lot of other guys out there using his techniques and giving the subject a bad name.