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Well Osama is officially dead. Good. Expect retaliation. Bad.
Already people are questioning if this is a hoax because he was buried at sea. Not everything is a conspiracy or a distraction. He was buried at sea not because of any religious thing. They dumped him in the sea because they don't want a shrine created out of his grave. He was the terrorists rock star.
I'm sure there will be plenty of video evidence forth coming that he is actually dead. I'm sure people will pour over it and say it's fake.

Zerohedge has numerous articles about Silver today. None of them are worth a damn.  Except this one;

We spent a good portion of the weekend here pouring over scenarios but none of us saw a waterfall scenario in the chicken entrails. Silver and Gold both opened with good bids and then they attacked Silver running the stops looking to take out as many leveraged longs as possible to cut their exposure. Then they ran into trouble as stink bids started kicking in and the vultures who see blood in the water and jumped right in. The beat down was so obvious there is no way to spin it as anything but an all out assault by JPM, HSBC etc. Maybe they covered some shorts. If they didn't then they have exposed themselves to more pain in the coming weeks.
This is my long winded way of saying they have actually done us a favor. It may not appear that way but now we have had our blow off. If they had done this on Monday morning our shares would have been decimated. The fact that they have done it in the thinly traded market exposes them as not Master of the Silver pit but tricksters. One trick ponies who are running out of options and a lot weaker than we have thought up to this point.
They are on the ropes.

The reason I have called attention to that particular article is make sure you read it and understand the implications. Chinese companies not in the banking business are lending money to speculators who are blocked from trading the Real Estate market and are now looking for somewhere to gamble. Guess where they are putting this money to work? You do know the Chinese are more degenerate as gamblers than anyone else on the planet right? No offense intended to my Chinese friends but you know it's true.

An update on the Bolivian Mining situation: http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/47466
Looks like Morales is boxing himself in politically but he can ill afford to scare away foreign investors. 
Bottom line read it an digest before coming to any decisions on your Bolivian exposure.

Another good article here: http://www.istockanalyst.com/business/news/5104076/the-miami-herald-the-oppenheimer-report-column
It looks like Morales is picking a fight with Chile. It's an old tactic past governments in Chile have used. As I pointed out above Morales can ill afford to scare away foreign investment so he is going back to doing what he does best and that is finding a common enemy everyone can agree on and that's Chile. I expect the miners will make some concessions and life will go on for them in Bolivia.


Yukon Cornelius said...

Can you guys explain to me why this OBL thing matters at all? Even the Middle East doesn't seem to care that he's dead. I can sum up the Middle East reaction so far... "Meh."

Maybe it's because I never bought into the ridiculous notion that a bunch of Saudi students pulled off the greatest terrorist attacks ever and that the great AQ terrorist organization was being coordinated from a cave.

So honestly, someone please explain to me why OBL matters and how anyone can think there's a connection between silvers drop yesterday and OBL. Even some very smart people I know have come to me today and said, "Did you hear Obama's dead? There's nothing stopping the markets now." At this point I'm seriously completely and totally dumbfounded. I either need someone to explain this to me or I need to come to the realization that everyone took an extra Vitamin R (retarded) pill this morning.

Louis Cypher said...

To Silver not a damn. He doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things but I'm glad he is dead.
But ..... as regards sentiment it's a short term feel good moment.

Louis Cypher said...

BTW I just sent you an invite to post here until you decide what you want to do with your blog. I only discovered your blog recently "aaaand then it's gone" :(
Maybe post some of your greatest hits?

Anonymous said...


Yukon's blog is back up:)

Can you shoot me an email through my profile when you get a chance? I want to send you this piece I wrote, I'd like your opinion on it before it gets posted.


Louis Cypher said...

Good news on Yukon.

investmentreturns said...

WOw, just about everyone in the silver community is getting scared shitless (with an exception of a few here and there).

I dont know why, but I sense another huge spike of silver going upwards again and wouldnt be surprised to see silver in the $60s this summer. This is different than 2008. In 2008 they had control and werent desperate. They are now super desperate and soon will be eaten.

Be curious as to what WB would say on this

Robert Leroy Parker said...

WB would say some nonsense that cannot be proved one way or the other about JPM trading desk. And would then disappear into blogosphere folklore, leaving everyone wondering what WB is thinking or doing... Good for nothing in the end.

WB is complete bullshit.