New Pope sighted in bowl of Corn Flakes

There is a lot of crap being written about the who the next pope will be.
Click bait posing as news and even the preppers and doomers are gettting
excited about the possibility of the next Pope being Black
fulfilling St. Malachy's prophecy and heralding the end of the world.

So here are the facts:
St. Malachy was a real guy doing real godly work in the 12th century.
There are 112 prophecies attributed to him starting at the 12th Century and the run up until today. They describe the personalities of each successive pope. He describes a Black Pope as the last Pope. Black may not mean he has a year round tan.

The prophecies are incredibly accurate and nail each Pope exactly until 1590 which just so happens to be when they were discovered. It also just happens be when there was a Papal election and it just so happened that the discovered Malachy prophecies came down on the side of one of the Papal contenders who was duly elected. 
The Church has it's own version of don't ask and don't tell which applies to alter boys, dubious miracles and prophecies. Their policy is to investigate and if the miracles etc prove to be true then a sainthood is awarded and Miracles confirmed. Apparently the jury is still out on St. Malachy's prophecies. In other words the Churches attitude to the prophecies is there is no credible evidence.

Nostradamus' story is very similar with factions twisting his words and even writing their own to suit their own political agendas. See Nazi Germany.

How do I know all this? I went to Catholic school in my formative years and taught by Nuns and Priests. There was one particularly progressive Nun who had a deep interest in Church history and liked to teach us the good and the bad.


duggo said...

So St. Malachy is a load of Malarky.
Prophecies are another slant on confirmation bias. Most of them are easily undone by doing the opposite.

It looks as though the Silver manipulation class action is going down the plug-hole. Interesting interview from a young guy called Tekoa Da Silva on his site Bull Market Thinking. I think he's one of the best web interviewers around.

This will certainly get the "Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan" crowd crying in their beer.

S Roche said...

Van Eck to provide choice of physical delivery from new gold and silver ETFs

Bron Suchecki said...

In related news, Perth Mint launched an exchanged traded gold product that allowed physical delivery in any of its coin or bar products, in 2003.

As to the JPM case, where is Andrew Maguire? Surely his evidence would help them win the case?

S Roche said...

Bron's on fire!

Time to re-launch your ETF maybe?

CFTC have Maguire's evidence, they're on it.

duggo said...

I'm not anti Perth Mint. They seem to run a good ship.


I recently sold a property and wanted another string to my bow besides BullionVault so I opened accounts with Perth Mint and GoldMoney.

Eventually I went with GoldMoney.

Perth Mint application was too slow including the setting up of the bank transfer system plus the necessity to change money from Sterling into Aussie or US Dollars was too much of a pain.

My possible future plan was to draw down on these accounts and go into bullion coins. Perth Mint only seems to offer proof or themed coins.

Sorry Bron.

Bron Suchecki said...

Did you open a Depository account or an account at Either one sells bullion, no themed coins so I'm confused by your statement.

The Depository opening process is slow, but that is mostly due to the need to check identity docs. That is a regulatory requirement so not much we can do about it.

duggo said...

Dear Bron
It is a Depository account. If ALL coins including Sovereigns can be bought and sent to my home address it wasn't very clear: not to me at least.
It took one month to set up the whole thing in the meantime I didn't want to risk money sitting in a bank account.
GoldMoney was quicker. I can operate the whole thing myself over the internet. I can pay and receive in different currencies and have several bank accounts.
Perth Mint's operations are based on Emails or telephone and then there is the time difference
This not a criticism for or against Perth Mint and GoldMoney. It's just logistics.

duggo said...

Changing back to the subject of the Pope I get the feeling that FOFOA might be about to apply.

He has a new epistle entitled "Checkmate 2 Slow history"

He seems to be getting a bit tetchy with his "flock" and insisting they pay him otherwise he off to pasturers new.

The next Pope maybe?

Joe Yasinski said...
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Tony said...

I appreciate most of your comments, duggo. However, your ongoing FOFOA bashing sounds like nothing more than sour grapes.

duggo said...

Dear Tony

That's not bashing Tony. It's my sense of humour. What is wrong about my above statement about FOFOA?
Read his latest article. He says at the end:-

"One day this blog will end with little or no notice, just like The Gold Trail and the USAGOLD forum. One day I will grow tired of doing this, or perhaps I will find a better use of my time. Bear in mind that I am not selling anything, and so far I've been here for 4 ½ years, longer than ANOTHER (THOUGHTS!) and The Gold Trail combined. But unlike the original Gold Trail, here you can at least cast your vote to postpone the arrival of that inevitable day by clicking on this button. If, on the other hand, you'd prefer to vote for me to move on to something else, that's even easier… don't click the donate button. ;D"

I wonder how much he donated to A/FOA for using all of their thoughts?

He writes interesting stuff but he's not God you know and he's now not even the Pope.

Tony said...

Ok, ok...whatever you say, SeƱor duggo. Perhaps I'm just an FOFOA apologist. Afterall, he has more credibility than the Pope in my mind ;)

Desperado said...

@duggo: Bravo. The pope is an apt comparison. Acton said "absolute power corrupts absolutely", and IMO applies to blogs as well. The power to ban is the cyber equivalent to execution, and often FOFOA smacks of being cultish, even Denninger like. Just take his obsession with 9/11 truthers.

This is one thing I like about screwtapefiles and ZH, the executive is split between multiple parties. Switzerland's presidency works in the same fashion. This helps prevent one ego from drowning all others out.