Pulling the foundation Stones out ... By Martin Armstrong

Pulling the foundations stones out of the global financial system

CONSPIRACY THEORIES are one thing I have never been a supporter of since most are often DISINFORMATION that allows the real schemes to go on unnoticed. They also tend to assign to people knowledge of an omnipotent nature. The Mortgage Crisis was a nightmare, but those that were responsible only look at the immediate rewards. They do not look at the COLLATERAL DAMAGE nor do they have a clue about international global ramifications. It is far more dangerous when you realize there are a lot of people who only look at the immediate objective.

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Unknown said...

The S&P downgrade should have happened many years ago. Finally someone had the guts to do it. If I owed 10 million and made 10 grand a year would you allow me to borrow anymore? I would be "downgraded". Beijing Downgrades US Treasury to A+...

Louis Cypher said...

Yup it should have happened years ago. It should have happened on a Friday night. It should NOT have been leaked to the insiders who then fleeced their clients and the public. I think that is the biggest point Martin was trying to make.