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Anonymous said...

Instead of staring at the symptoms I'd suggest to ask the RIGHT questions about the roots:

Why did these things not happen in former times?

And I'd also suggest to look at the open questions not reported by MSM about Winnenden.

Surely pur coincidence, that also at Winnenden a training took place, like in so many other cases of amok shootings 9/11, Norway, London, Spain).

It's surely also only coincidence, that half of the local police was not present and the other half during the hunt for the shooters, was sent to an adress, that doesn't exist.

Surely only coincidence that on the video the alleged shooter, Tim K. shows no injuries of the leg, although he had received two shots, one even into the ankle.

Surely also only coincidence, that the moment, he allegedly shoots himself, the keyframe from the videocamera moves away from him, and centers seconds later on the shot body.

To mention only a few "cioncidences". But I guess someone who believes in the official 9/11 story of thee in freefall collapsing towers, nothing can smell fishy enough to start questioning.