Charlie and the Golden Ticket

Although things have been quiet, gold related discussions still boil away in the background with one gold vault in particular always moving back into the center of discussion: the Bank of England vault with its 400,000+ gold bars (holding approximately five times the current inventory of GLD).

The vault was recently visited by Prince Charles (link, with photos), Bron Suchecki asked me if the new photos showed any additional clues about the vault interior. Unfortunately the answer is no. The visit appears to have taken place in the main display vault which is already well known. I have updated our 2013 diagram with Charlie's estimated positions marked in blue.

If you can, show who's boss by getting photographed next to lots of gold!

The average rate of photographic disclosure via royal visits puts us way behind in any effort to map the interior, which is disappointing since there always seems the chance of catching out the big boys with definitive proof of collusion, corruption and the like. Unfortunately this is a pipe dream - the bank is in complete control over information which get released ... you see what they want you to see and nothing more. Even if we were somehow able to obtain a digital copy of their entire bar list, the best we could do with that info is match those numbers to other known signatures in GLD and other central bank holdings (where partial information exists) but it still wouldn't be enough to reveal any substantial shenanigans. In this respect they hold all the aces in this game.

This should not discourage us, and the fabulous inner workings of the chocolate factory shouldn't be kept under wraps. If there are any folk out there who have additional photography of the BoE vaults, feel free to send it through to bullionbars (at) and I'll update the layout graphic. Additionally if there are any BoE insiders who want to leak a bar list (even to tease us), please send your material using a pseudonym to the same address after verifying your life insurance is current.


AdvocatusDiaboli said...

Hi everybody,
hope you're all still doing fine. Was really missing the "gold talk".
Offtopic, but what's your thoughts on India banning cash&gold? I could have imagined that in western countries, but India? WTF!?

Greets, AD

Warren James said...

Hello AD, yeah back and looking forward to gold chat in general.

If they do actually ban gold imports in India it will create unprecedented demand for the stuff. As far as I know this is just the Indian Central Bank attempting to pull the levers to manage their economy and the people are getting in the way of this because gold offers a degree of economic freedom (of choice), and human economic freedom is absolutely not a goal of any Central Bank.

I don't know much about the banknote part however their activity sends a clear message/reminder to ordinary folk: "be warned - if you store your wealth using our paper/plastic tokens, you expose yourself to the risk that at any time we can change the social agreement attached to them"

Cheers & beers,

Bron Suchecki said...

So who is Willy Wonka in your analogy?

Warren James said...

re: Willy Wonka - in my mind it was always Ben Bernanke - a magical character who would wave one hand to make the stock market levitate and yet his other hand was busy hauling around pallets of gold. Unfortunately Ben is not British but in the original 1971 classic Wonka was played by American actor Gene Wilder, so it sort of fits.

The comparison of BoE vault operators to Oompa-loompas was always going to be a thing and even now I can't shake the image from my head.

AdvocatusDiaboli said...

Hi Warren,
as far as I have read, they are not going to ban the import, but rather ban/limit ownership: A man is allowed to own a maximum of 1kg, a married woman up to 0,5kg (gold is form of bars and coins, jewelery will not be affected).

And I do understand the ban on cash, that would be logical for a currency like the Euro, but for India?

And both measures ban cash and to ban gold is IMO contradictory and insane. What purpose would or should serve it anyway? Suggest the people to buy government bonds? LOL
Or that the people spend there money immediately on consumer goods and real estate fueling inflation and rushing farming even more? Or buy silver?

Sure, they say (like all governments) in order to "prevend tax evation", but that's just bullshit, like all over the world.
Greets, AD

P.S. Sorry for being off topic.

Warren James said...

nah, it's on-topic ... all related to the question of 'how we escape tyranny'.

Slow Loris just alerted me to the Australian government having a recent review to eliminate the $100 note - same claim .. the cash economy is damaging tax revenue. Guessing that gold limits will come to our dystopia soon enough, and when everyone starts using sea-shells to substitute cash they will probably ban them too. Then cigarettes, then ... oh screw it.

AdvocatusDiaboli said...

What drives me, is the question why?
Either insanity or evil, but still the question remains to me, why, what's the f***ing idea or reasoning behind it? If it would be just the "historical war between debtors & savers", so screw it, let them print. If it is the "social justice" BS, then let them tax. But banning cash _AND_ gold... I simple dont get it what's on those screwed up minds.
Greets, AD

P.S. In Germany government sold us the idea of banning cash, because to prevent terrorism.... WTF? Last night there had been this terror attack with a truck in Berlin with 12 death counting, what's next, banning on trucks? But still our government insist on importing more moslems to Germany.

Aengrod said...

So people have bought into this idea? - banning the cash that is. Good grief if that's the case.

Warren James said...

@Aengrod - no in Australia at least the $100 note usage is only under review. They just don't understand that cash will always exist as a construct and it's impossible to ban a concept :)

But, they are attempting to screw with people's liberties and history tis brimful of examples of what happens when that pendulum gets pushed too far. p.s. re: AD's question/comment - my vote is on 'evil', fwiw. Hope everyone had a good new Years. This year I do have some new database technology I want to use on the GLD+SLV bar lists so we should at least get a few decent articles. Apart from that ---> hey look .... gold is near to $1,200/oz ... massive déjà vu!

AdvocatusDiaboli said...

I'm not sure if everybody bought that. It works differently here, although most people deeply in their heart probably know that they are bullshitted day by day, the nature of "the ugly german" is it be obedient. Obedience is their god (together with denunciation, bad combination, he?). Has been the last 300yrs and will be the next 300yrs. Just look at history, every single chapter proves that. The germans just simply love their "Führer" (shall it be "The Kaiser", Hitler, Honecker, Merkel,...doesnt matter how bad the sociopath is). It makes life so much easier to give up any reasoning and responsiblity of your own life to somebody else. (And makes so much fun to bully people that wouldnt comply with the "collective"....sadly, the worst typical pure german characteristic). I love my french family in law, the french are the total opposite.

Napoleon once described the germans best: "There can be not lie thought of big enough, that the germans wouldnt swallow it".

still not sure if to call it evil, Hitler probably also thought of himself as a dedicating caring father figure... I guess they are just power hungry sociopaths that just wanna to see with what they can get away with. Problem with that: Although they are probably good at manipulation, brownnosing and ruling people, they are not the brightest people (how could they, otherwise they would have gotten a decent job of being productive and enjoying their own life).
Greets, AD

P.S. yes, a happy new year to everybody, looking forward for the next database conclusion posts :)

Warren James said...

re: war on cash, here is a neat summary of the situation on TSI blog (I agree with every point he puts forward)

Grumps LaBastard said...

Anybody else been watching George Webb's series of videos "Where is Eric Braverman?" I think another angle to this cash ban is to corral the plebs into microfinance loan sharking via cell phones. They sucker the uneducated third worlders into signing contracts with usurious terms leading them into forced labor camps..sexual slavery of themselves and trafficking of the kids to pay off debts. Unbelievable how evil this is, but allegedly this was Clinton Global Initiative modus operandi. Pizzagate was just the tip of the iceberg.

Grumps LaBastard said...

Hey, everybody. Public Service Announcement.

For those GoldMoney account holders, the FBAR deadline is now April 18th. It used to be June 30th. Not anymore.

Gary Morgan said...,1453.msg15722.html#msg15722

Insider speaks. Nothing new.

liza said...

nice post

Gary Morgan said...

Imagine a world where all currencies float freely against one another.
We're nearly there.
As a currency falls against other currencies, assets priced in the falling currency will rise, causing higher prices to the local population, especially imported items.
So food prices will rise, energy prices will rise, and poor savers will suffer as the value of their savings withers away.
Perhaps they might buy some physical gold, a good idea in a currency zone that is unable to maintain zee price stabilitee.
But wait.....those holding the gold aren't keen to sell to these new buyers.
What's the only mechanism known to man that will entice buyers to sell? Yes, a rising price, until some buyers are tempted to sell.

Reverse the above position in a currency zone where the currency is managed to be strong, or very stable.
Who needs gold then? Better to earn a few percent in a bank account, or a higher return from dividends on some quality equities.
Gold prices will drift lower of course, as sellers outnumber buyers.

Over the economic and political cycle, these fluctuations in gold's price will be significant. Imagine if a war broke out, or the sovereign nation got into real financial difficulty, the gold price would go through the roof.

Imagine importers and exporters, nations with trade surpluses, or trade deficits, all buying and selling billions of currency each day, how volatile floating currencies could be. And firms might settle their differences in gold too.

Imagine currency managers who have just one mandate: price stability. We all know central banks can't influence interest rates, as QE cycles proved (rates falling when QE ended). But the currency manager has to keep its currency stable with consumer prices. It's sat on a shed full of gold, and the authority to buy and sell gold in the markets. Imagine the price fluctuations in gold when the sole method used by that central bank ( and others) to avoid both deflation and inflation is to buy or sell gold. Wild, it's going to get wild. Unless the business cycle is abolished. And the solar cycles. And demographic cycles.

But relax, if you own gold, it will simply never move in price, as described above, but please don't ask why. All cycles will be banned.
Gold will simply rise slightly, year after year, totally immune from the natural forces impacting every other asset on the planet.
And everyone will own it, all of their savings will always be in gold, for ever more ( except some guys and their homies will sell it all when this new system arrives, disbelievers in the levitation that awaits).
It's literal magic, otherwise known as an illusion, sleight of hand.
And you may only have Another 10-20 years to wait, so don't die in the meantime, before the planned utopia arrives. Or perhaps you get lucky and it arrives in 2021.
It's great to have a fertile imagination.
But it's a fine line between a fertile imagination and incoherent madness.
Please send me some money, great imagination doesn't come cheap you know.

Warren James said...

I've been out of the loop for a bit. Looks like you're still upset, Gary, with a certain writer. My own occasional research has led me to consider a world where golds role in today's world is simply different. Once they start talking about introducing the basic income concept and you realise they are not joking about it, perhaps it's time to welcome our new robotic overlords (who may or may not value gold).

Gary Morgan said...

I mock the afflicted Warren. Just for giggles. Hope all is well with you, I read that Oz is not immune to the madness of our times.

They may seek a universal income, but the future is laissez-faire national socialism. QE into equities next, the stealth merger of state and the evil corporates. The middle classes are about to be wiped out, our overlords are sat in their precious golden bunkers, just awaiting the transition.

The BIS and its minions at the ECB are the servants of the elite, and ultimately desire our literal slavery upon a global plantation.

That won't last long, like Babel, it will be destroyed by God.

James said...

Can we see an update to the blog please?

Grumps LaBastard said...

It's time to get the band back together again.

AdvocatusDiaboli said...

Anybody still out there?
Greets, AD