New Gold Supra-Theory

The 'New Gold Supra-Theory' is an guest series exposition exploring the different interpretations of gold as it relates to the modern financial system. The distinguishing features of this series of articles by writer 'costata' are as follows:
  1. Attempt to reconcile current 2013 viewpoints regarding Gold.
  2. 'Outside the box' approach to looking at existing assumptions.
  3. Collaborative feedback approach - theory is refined progressively.
  4. Focus on simplicity and brief explanations, precise definitions.
The label is derived from two parts: 'New Gold' - distinguishes 'Supra-Theory' - above all other theories (meaning in terms of perspective position, does not infer superiority). The investigative approach is a good fit for the Screwtape Files blog, we hope you get some value from the discussion.

First Post, which explains the premise for the discussion and parameters, as well as the rationale for writing this series.
Gold and International Trade Settlement (Part 1), discussing definitions and whether or not a trade deficit for a country is significant or not, in the classic sense regarding flow of capital. The discussion continues in 'Gold and International Trade Settlement (Part 2)', putting forward an argument for why gold won't be used in International settlement, having explored a few key definitions and historical precedent.

Money and Trade in a Currency Zone:

The European Central Bank (ECB) Targets 1752: A quick comparison between the modern european system and why their inflation target is significant (Part1) and (Part2).

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