Sunday pre-game, 8/5

 Greetings, friends. Once again, I'll need to be brief, as I am in a desert south of El Paso on an entomology mission and signal is weak. Also, I must remain on the move, as I have drawn the suspicions of Border Patrol, who greeted with unusual suspicion our explanation that the opened bottles of Everclear in the trunk were to preserve the insects we captured. Idiots.

I couldn't trade this week, and missed yet another opportunity to buy at the dotted brown line on the monthly chart below. I'm bullish this week, because the 40-day EMA held for the week, and that's a first after a Bernankevent in a long time.

New month, same story
Silver is still hangin' in there:

Daily, linear

I like that the blue trend line from last week was support.
Closing prices, silver
If you don't hear from me again, it probably means I have failed to negotiate 30 degree inclines on ungraded dirt roads over 6000 ft ravines in the Nissan Versa I rented.

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