Dear GATA,

I read your piece via yesterday and 
was pretty much in shock. I assumed your account 
got hacked and some rogue hacker is now running 
around twitting, twatting, skit skating, spamming and flambĂ©ing with your good names. 

However, it's been 24 hours and there is no denials so I guess you guys really, actually expect the price of Gold to double in the next 90 days. 
Now seeing as you have put this out there I'll assume you are going to buy some leaps and make some paper on this. 

Indeed (as newsletter writers like to say),  you are entirely comfortable having the general public make similar bets I have a proposal for you guys.
I will bet 1 Oz of 24K gold US mint issued coin that it will not double. I will also eat your shorts if it does double in the the next 90 days. If however it does not double in the next 90 days then you give me a 1 Oz 24 K Gold coin issued by the US mint. 

Now I'll understand if you guys want someone to hold the coins and shorts in escrow. May I suggest the boys at ZH for the Gold and JPM for the shorts?

Louis D. Cypher


Kid Dynamite said...

obviously, if gold doesn't double in 90 days, it was Blythe & The Cartel's fault...

Shaka Zulu!!!

Louis Cypher said...

Just watched "Zulu" again the other day prompted by the Shaka Zulu reference GATA made the other day. Great movie that has stood the test of time.
Check it out if you haven't seen it.

Warren James said...

Quick question - this is specifically about what Bill Murphy said right? Like here?. Does he speak for all of GATA? By calling for a specific metals price by a specific date, they've entered Wynter Benton territory!! I suppose they can always wriggle out of their prediction if the expected event does not come to pass - it worked for Amber. Anyway, god help us if the dollar-expressed-value of the $9 trillion global stock of gold does actually double to $18 trillion in the space of 3 months, it's not something to celebrate - except for anyone who carries the 'payday for the believers' meme. I do hope they rectify their silly position otherwise they stand to lose a lot of credibility. It's my impression they are being set up.

Anonymous said...

No Warren, he doesn't speak for GATA on this. In fact, GATA has nothing to do with it at all. It's Murphys pay user site lemetropole. Anyone with even a casual knowledge of GATA would have known this. And I assume ZH posted it because they get paid by contributors to do so. You know, like Biderman, Reggie and others.

Bay of Pigs

Warren James said...

Thanks Bay. Muddy waters then ... the ZH report is titled "Bill Murphy Chairman Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee". So, ok it's just like any other advertisement really, follow the money. So much noise, difficult to find the signal these days.

Lord Sidcup said...

"ZH posted it because they get paid by contributors to do so. You know, like Biderman, Reggie and others."

Are you sure about this?
Does it apply to all outside contributors?

S Roche said...

I read that "Peter" expects their trading volume to double, (that's why they are putting on more floor traders),not the price to double.

As to your bet...ewww!

Nickelsaver said...


Unknown said...

stop screwing up my dream..I want Gold to double you silly twats

Anonymous said...

Turk is a sure sign to sell now - that's for sure.

Lets hope the London trader doesn't come on soon.

Embry was saying a long while ago the shorts will have a "religious experience"

Rick Rule still maintains M&A is going to hot up. In the mean time all Gold Majors have now changed their strategies - cash is king, reduce development and focus on efficiency.

And lastly - Wynter Benton reincarnated - Bill Murphy the hothead. You were to soon with this piece.

And Goldfather's eyes are wide shut with regards to "QE to infinity" mantra. The more apt motto should be at this stage "QE is irrelevant" to the outcome. The controllers want QE but we will never see an overt one again unless things go to shit. Politically QE is getting less and less acceptable. Only a panic will get it done.

costata said...

IMVHO this is a must watch for the Screwtape Files crew.

mr pinnion said...

Well Costata, that video certainly was an eye opener.

Louis Cypher said...

I'll see your Lemurs and raise you this

No connection except it's on youtube and really funny

costata said...

Louis Cypher,

I saw that video. Hilarious.