Weekend roundup

This will be a running commentary of anything of interest that pops up on the intertubes
worthy of a mention. Feel free to add guys.

The first one is easy. GM nailed it. He nailed it before with other TA posts and he will probably continue to nail it. http://screwtapefiles.blogspot.com/2011/09/surveying-damage.html

Second is Martin Armstrong. Martin has, in the recent past, tried to cheer lead us out of harms way via what Jim Sinclair calls MOPE. Not so much this time. See the post below.

This one is from the Irish Times examining the difference between two small countries and their different approaches to the crisis. We are talking about Ireland and Iceland here. Iceland had the advantage of NOT being part of the Euro. Willing to listen to the electorate, letting the bankers go &*^* themselves and not willing to take any crap from the IMF. Not willing to compromise or prostitute their values or their social programs.
Unlike Ireland, Iceland was not willing to be sheep led to the slaughter fed on decades of corruption and lies by constantly electing the most ignorant bunch of hick, muck savages lost in religious and political rhetoric that had no relevance 50 years ago. Sound familiar?
No? I guess you haven’t been watching the Republican debates or just skipped to the Ron Paul parts.


Jim Sinclair has some comforting advice for those of us who are having trouble sitting down this week due to the uncomfortable bent over position we have assumed most of the week.

There was a bunch of guys sitting around yapping about this and that. Mostly hinting about injecting liquidity here and there. Just google "G20 meeting" in case you are not already sick to your stomach of Central Bankers. It's Europe's turn to ramp up the QE this month or at least ramp up the rumors.

CERN discovers faster than light?
This will be interesting story. Is it a quantum trick? This will get weird as physics always does but it will turn a lot of theories inside out.

Kid Dynamite has a piece on confirmation bias and how we have to be careful of not falling in love with our own views. http://kiddynamitesworld.com/if-i-could-teach-you-two-things/
This caught my eye "main reason: the miners have been reduced to peripheral bullion plays, and are no longer needed to serve the purpose of exposure to metals – we have pure plays now that make it easy to gain targeted direct exposure to gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and, soon, copper. This is the main reason, and the most worrysome: you can see that the ratio trend appears to be drifting lower: that’s not an insane outcome, if more investors look to protect themselves by getting gold exposure from pure play bullion instruments instead of mining stocks…
2) risk of mismanagement/bad management, political/national risks, etc."

KD has hit the nail on the head here as to why the miners suck as an investment. I'll take it one step further and say we are lazy. We sit in our couches, we surf the web looking for gurus, information on investment choices and look for someone, anyone to give us a clue and in the end the easiest choice to make is to buy GLD, PSLV or whatever the flavor of the week is. If those ETF's are filled with miners they will still suck. The average investor wants the easy answer and that is not HL or SVM. In my humble opinion unless the miners start sweetening the pot by paying real dividends and ramp up the marketing beyond their mediocre, half assed news releases they will remain dead in the water in the short term. Long term we will have to wait for Jim Sinclair's big $200 days to make a few bucks on these dogs.

This article is my favorite and it has nothing to do with miners or gold or the end of the world:
1500 man hours with 3 tools and a few thousand bucks. I give you the Hobbit house: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2039719/Simon-Dale-How-I-built-hobbit-house-Wales-just-3-000.html

Just another article on kickbacks, conspiracy, bribery etc. Not a mob article but banker article. Wiseguys in wingtips.

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