The Sun and the Moon

Hello everyone.

We were long overdue a new post, so here's something a little different.

I'm sure everyone who visits this blog is interested in expanding their knowledge.

I wanted to quickly share something that I have discovered recently that appears to represent a major piece of the jigsaw in terms of understanding human behaviour and major climate cycles over the ages.

It would appear that all activity on our planet is affected by solar activity, lunar positioning, and also the movements of other planets in our solar system. Gravity and magnetic activity are both involved. Major periods of change for humanity have coincided with peaks and troughs in solar activity, as well as other impacts on a more regular basis. It is a fascinating subject. Everyone is affected by the sun, including your friendly central bankers and politicians. As we head into a major solar minimum in c. 2020, expect to see speculative behaviour wither away, with significant impact on business activity and the markets. It's already evident of course, as the latest bubbles begin to burst (Any biotech dip-buyers around yet)?

I don't have the time to explain the details here, so I am simply going to provide a few links to sites that I now follow regularly, and hope you find them interesting.

John Hampson writes regularly on the impact of solar cycles on markets and demographics.

Ben Davidson covers daily solar and climate activity, and their impact here on earth.

This site has a variery of information on solar and lunar matters, as well as other areas I have not looked at.

That's all folks, enjoy your weekend.


Unknown said...

OK, so I wrote off this blog a long time ago as being completely overrun by crazies. And then after a cooling off period I check back, hoping I was wrong, and find crapola about solar cycles....

And worse yet, no comments for days and days. Proof this blog is deservedly dead as a doornail. Just shut it down already.

Warren James said...

@Unknown, everything on this planet is a candidate for discussion (some topics more interesting than others). Just you wait till I write some of my UFO articles, you'll love it.

I was hoping to write a post-analysis about the comex defaulting, but it seems not to have happened yet (been waiting for this to occur since 2011 so it might be a long wait).

Gary Morgan said...

Unknown, fair comments, please complete our form for your refund, which comes with a free can opener cleverly adapted to work on human minds.