A couple of new messages from Wynter_Benton etc.

Below is another couple of posts from the Wynter_Benton and friends. The Blue text is Wynter and friends and the Red text is from a third party.

There should be enough posts now for everyone to make their own minds up about this.  

Harvey Organ does a breakdown of the COT report every evening and there is a great thread on Kitco.com in the Silver section that explains what the COT reports actually mean. They also look at Harvey's blog and explain and translate COT to English.

Whether these guys are the real deal doesn't matter. Either way Silver is going up whether it's this week or this year doesn't really matter. 


Just to keep you updated, word the traders is that silver is trying to form a hammer formation as we discussed previously. Can't be too much longer now.

Seems that ScottJ88 notices it too

From Turd's blog

2 Hour and 4 Hour graphs of silver have hammer formations.

4 Hour graph of silver is the best...

I am looking forward to the next 8hours :)
I think the market is to strong for blythe, notice how we don't talk about the dollar index anymore... its all about the physical supply squeezing... 50$ here we come!
Scott J

It's game time and even though I am not in the pits, boy am I nervous.
Wish us all luck. 


Nice action today. By the way, is most of this move the result of your "group" or are you noticing and playing along with others who want this thing to explode upwards?

If we can close today above yesterday that would be HUGE! I'm keeping a close eye on the next hour or so.  

Again, I am not privy to minute by minute action like our traders in the pit.

The general plan is to allow the public to take silver over $31.20 by itself, and then we support the move by buying underneath that move AFTER the public has taken silver above the old highs.

Our traders are NOT the ones that will be taking silver past $31 initially. However, we are buying and pruning as we approach $31 which may explain why $31 has not been breached yet.

Of course, I don't know if there's been an audible down in the pits, but that is the game plan.


Warren James said...

Louis, thanks for writing up all this gear (yes, an old timer). The groups recent posts appear to have enough critical mass and contain for me to be sold. Their agenda is clear and unpolluted, along with their reasons for communication. That said, not much difference to my present strategy; but took time to visit my bullion shop this week. Wynter, hats off to you and your group for having the gumption to take on these guys - I hope you manage to crack them.

Now of course I'm curious about two things: (a) who will actually win this round of fisticuffs between the two giants and (b) which government/org they are working for (my dibs for USA or China).
This is truly real-life action-thriller entertainment, where the outcome is known but you get to enjoy the story of the characters as they work towards their goal. Go you good thing. I'll put my hand up to be a 'Bentonite' if that's the right word.

Louis Cypher said...

Hey Warren,
I guess I'm an old timer as well :)
I figure with or without Wynter and crew we are due for an interesting week and month.

We just started climbing a wall of terror last week. This week is a wall of worry but we are getting optimistic now. This in itself is unusual close to Option expiration.

If they are the real deal it will be really interesting. Just be careful if they decide to reverse course and follow Blythe's direction mid stream if you trade futures.

They as much as warned people that their trade could change at a moments notice and to do their own due diligence.

I don't think they represent anyone but themselves but then again we really don't have enough facts to make a call on that one.

Even if they are fake but they sway enough minds to follow their trade it does make for a good novel.

Maybe when the smoke clears this month they will stand up to take a bow. Whatever they are I for one would buy them a beer if for no other reason than it's been fun.