Last post from Wynter Benton and crew

I wish them well

"We would like to thank everyone that gave us a chance to help them with their silver investment but we have decided that this is the right time to bid farewell. After all what better time than when silver is at an all time high. No one who followed our advice can possibly be down. It was exactly three weeks ago today when we hit the low in silver. No one could have imagined that in 3 weeks, we would now be hitting new highs. But this is exactly how we said it would unfold during the first week of January.

There are many reasons for us to conclude our "broadcast" this time, chief of which is that there is a far better forum (in Turd Ferguson's blog) by which to communicate our basic message. Compared to Turd's blod, our method of communication is woefully short. Another reason is that there is no longer any real value to what we can add between now and March, or May, or September.... You should all know our game plan by now.

But finally, the most important reason why we have to cease our communication now is that our traders interest may not necessarily align with the retail investors from here on out. In the run up to $37 or $40 or whatever, we may at times be massively short contracts to shake out the average investors. Yes indeed, we may be taking on Blythe's role from time to time. Nothing serious, of course. Our shorts will be quick to see if we can take out some stops. From here on out, it will be very volatile and we may be in a position to take out your stops before we go long again so please be careful when setting stops. Everyone must be at their all time highs so please think of an exit strategy.

We will always be long the physical silver until atleast $80 before we even consider selling a small amount, so our interest will always align with yours if you are long the physical. Also please remember that the bulk of our buying will occur next week even if Comex won't properly disclose it.

We may be back if something extraordinary occurs but that is doubtful. For a few people who have been our ardent supporters, we remain open to continuing communications through email.

Once again, we wish you all the best from here on out."


Warren James said...

Aww.. and just after my recent conversion too. (if you'll forgive the comparison) .. Now I know how the disciples felt when Jesus (having just impressed them all with the whole back-from-the-dead-thing) promptly went up into the cloud and said "rightio-matey-boys, you're on your own".

Well their message is pretty clear. So the silver market from this point is a violent roller coaster to flush out the true value of our favourite anti-bacterial metal, stay long physical for best results. Mr Cypher, with Mr Ferguson leading the charge in the markets analysis, wondering if you will keep adding your anecdotes and interpretation to the global political psy-ops being played out right now? I'll keep reading, and probably start writing a novel too - methinks there is enough material here for a best seller (rushes to fridge).

Louis Cypher said...

They will be back. That I will put money on.
I'll keep writing and one of these days they may make a movie about a bunch of ex JPM guys or a bunch of kids who took the internet for a ride :)

Also, I'll compile and pick apart every statement they have made.

Feel free to submit anything on your mind here Warren. I started this for fun and also as a means of purging what swirls around in my head.

I have some friends who are going to submit some politically themed articles. While I may not agree with half of what they will say it always good to have an open mind or at least know what the other guy is thinking.

Should be an interesting day tomorrow. Looking at the ticker the Asians are completely confused as to what's going on :)

Anonymous said...

Louis Cypher, thanks to you, too! You have been contributing a lot...

Yes, please keep on posting - especially if you get some updates from the galactic girls.

Anonymous said...

Hey LC, found this thru Harvey Organ, a daily bible for serious PM followers. I stumble upon the ex-JPM renegades and 24hrs later they are done!! Oh well...I read a lot of the past posts and they do seem legit...or at least very knowledgable futures guys. I have a blog w/ a variety of posts going back to June 2009. Today there is a silver update/recap...and plenty more on silver in the silver category.

I've added your blog to my favorites - I look forward to your future updates/insights. I've been long physical since Jan 2008. Ugly ride in the Lehman aftermath...but I sat tight and bought a little more (wish I hadn't shot so much of my wad accumulating from Jan to July 08, but oh well). Hi Ho Silver...


GM Jenkins said...

Hats off to you, Louis Cypher, for solving the AIN riddle. I'm a smart dude but couldn't come close. Actually your solving it made me wonder if you were part of an elaborate hoax, since I raised the objection on Turd's blog "why the f isn't anyone concerned about solving that riddle" and then exactly five minutes later you said you had solved it, and then a few minutes after that wynter benton posted on yahoo saying congrats.

Assuming, then, that you aren't part of a hoax (forgive my paranoia, but it's the internet) what I find most surprising (and annoying actually) about this wynter benton affair is that neither turd, nor silvergoldsilver, nor harvey organ, nor any metals guru, takes her seriously *at all.*

I mean has anyone actually gone through all 200+ posts? Clearly, this isn't someone in a basement playing games for shits and grins. "She" (and i put "she" in quotes because wynter's obviously a dude, or dudes, doing the posting, including samsterns2006 who posted on AIN and also on one of wynter's first threads) but clearly "she" has made some stunning predictions: the february 8 explosion when things looked to be lagging, and then today's "supernova" "within five days" when both metals looked to be showing indecision (e.g. according to norcini's evaluation yesterday afternoon), but it's much more than that . . .if you go back to september/october, she's calling the move to 25, then to 30 (and dropping other knowing allusions and minutiae that have since become more widely known) with the confidence of an insider.

So... given that wynter clearly isn't some precocious 19 yr old fucking with silver bugs, either she is on our side, or she's some psy ops plant looking to crush us (I lean towards th elatter, perhaps because I'm a pessimist and cynic; I see no reaosn why this group would help us make money, other than to build confidence to bait a trap). Which is it?

So, I'm glad you're undertaking to go through all the posts, and I wish others would too-- frankly, I don't understand the irraitonality involved in ignoring her 200+ posts at this point. . . vanity, fear of looking like a dupe? Clearly, there was enough tradeable, actionable advice in those posts to warrant a retrospective close reading.

Warren James said...

Excelent, gentlemen. How very cool, to have been watching the game during that period in which Turd Ferguson's new blog emerge (and bloom). I took at look at some of the very first Wynter Benton posts, the humble origins of their 'channel' give some credence to their message; I also now understand the deference to the Watchtower channel.

@ Grundlemaster: re 'why would this group help us make money'? - they need help to drain physical from the marketplace, if everyone else is doing that (fighting Blythe) then the more chance of success their group has at achieving their own agenda.

Speaking of agenda it's reasonably clear - their primary is to make boatloads of money for themselves, the secondary is to neuter the queen of derivatives. That's good enough for me.

My day job is composition, my hobby is looking at all the peices to see where each fits. I am also fascinated by ecosystems (this one of memetic material). The real hidden enchilada is the moving parts of mankind's transition to the next currency system (described very well by FOFOA) and seeing whether us little shrimps can get a peice of the action and feed our family.

There's lots of origins + agenda questions about Wynter Benton's stuff. My usual starting point is determining 'how do they benefit' and 'how much effort have they put in?' I'm still curious to know if there is a government link ... if China were to decide that Silver was a good reserve asset (for WHATEVER reason - this is a thought experiment remember) then a repricing will help that along. At the same time, the Benton group provide a convenient alibi for the USA Gov who (when JPM start imploding, taking the entire world's banking system with them) can point to the renegeade mysterious group as the 'wrong doers' (yeah, I know - it's sick). The other side of the coin is the opportunity to drum up silver mantra and keep everyone's eyes on that, while gold takes center stage in the hands of the central banks (again, aka FO/FO/A's freegold argument).

I'm looking for titles for my book. Maybe 'The Rise of Turd'..

Louis Cypher said...

I know it looked suspicious or odd that they chose me of all the people on Turds Blog. The only answer for that is I raised specific questions and obvious solutions to the challenge of making a solid prediction.

More than likely they just like my name :)
Like most guys they are movie fans and could hold a conversation with movie quotes.

I think a lot of the mainstream guys are tired of being labeled as conspiracy nuts and do their best to steer clear of any controversy that distracts from the central argument of manipulation by JPM etc.

No such constraints here. I really don't care if any one thinks I am right or wrong. Whether this blog has a few thousand readers or millions. I'm not going to make money doing this and don't expect to either.

Warren, you might be on to something. You want to flesh it out a little more and we can throw it up here?

As a matter of fact I invite anyone with an idea or notion to put yourself out there. Just be thick skinned about it.

I'll set up a link this weekend for article submission.

Pete said...

Can someone please enlighten a knucklehead (me) as to the meaning of AIN?

Louis Cypher said...

Sure :)
It was just the stock ticker AIN
Everybody was just thinking too deeply about it and thinking it was meant to be cryptic or related to a movie. That's what I thought initially.

Louis Cypher said...

Should mention. Yahoo message board for AIN.

Joe Petrone said...

Everyone must be at their all time highs so please think of an exit strategy.

What does this mean?

Louis Cypher said...

Take profits as we go up. Because we may go down just as quick.
They plan to go short if it suits their needs. They will whip the price to take money from shorts as well as longs.
They have stated that may change as well. Their plans have to remain fluid and subject to change.
Their central message is do your own due diligence and don't rely on anyone for advice.
We are all just anonymous dorks on the intertubes
looking for answers and we all come to the table with our own agendas whether we know it or not.

Joe, The bottom line is they will not reveal their plans completely. They may out JPM the JPM and go massively short at any time. So plan accordingly. It's going to be a wild ride next week.
Best of luck to all.

Joe Petrone said...


Got it, thanks.
Jordan Roy Byrnes sent a revealing message out today. He showed the relative strength of silver miners like, EXK, and AXU to silver.
I reran these as relative strength and found miners are weak relative to metal. We will have a few good buying opportunities in the next weeks.

Thanks for your post. I am a fan of CS Lewis.

Louis Cypher said...

One of my all time favorite books. I read it when I was 14 or so and thought it was one of the funniest things I ever read. I found my copy of it a few weeks ago and it inspired the blog name. Must re read it again.

Unfortunately those damn mining stocks always lag. There is always some excuse as to why they lag and the true believers still patiently wait for the bust out move. We always think it's just next week or next month when the public finally catches on.
Are the 40 years in the desert up yet?
Hmmmmm, getting close.

Homestake Mining started it's ascent in 1930-1940 add 40 years and you end up at 1970-80.
1971 Gold standard consigned to history. Gold starts to make a move.
40 years later we are full circle maybe? I am a big believer in the cycle theory for catching the big moves in history. Unfortunately this time (IMHO might be different) information moves so fast that we might be compressing the natural cycles.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you this but Martin Armstrong is one of the smartest guys on the planet. His thoughts turned me on to Cycle theory.