Friends of Wynter Benton (Guest Post by Warren)

We all love a good drama. This one has the energy of a panther. You stumble upon something that someone, somewhere made a claim about; and it strikes you enough to say "hey, this has far-reaching implications". Yet as soon as that sentence is finished, your brain's finely tuned defence mechanisms kick in with a dose of rightly-placed scepticism (which generally keeps us alive in this crazy world).

Around September 2010, silver began to trade very differently. Around that time, there were a bunch of posts which appeared on the Yahoo! Message-boards which revealed a possible explanation for what was happening. The collection of messages build clarity over many months, culminating in some big news: "We are still going to raid the Comex on Mar 1 come hell or highwater." (09-Feb-2011) link. If you're reading this then you probably know the claim was from someone with the moniker 'Wynter Benton', and probably you have an opinion one way or the other as to whether or not the messages were legitimate or not. And you're probably aware that the entire metals community right now is watching and waiting to know if the March contract buyers will stand for (physical) delivery or demand a huge premium to then roll onto next month.

There is enough in the messages to believe that what they said was indeed legitimate, and enough to take action on. You should of course, be buying physical gold and silver anyway but what is fascinating, as we connect the dots, is that even if the poster was a hoaxer, the story alone has the potential to blow the living crap out of the banksters silver shorting game. You see, once everyone gets the idea into their head that they would like a bit of 'traditional wealth' in their sock draw, then that goes a long way. Especially when the entire population gets in on the act, and particularly when there is reported to be a general lack of the stuff. It would be sensational, notwithstanding the intrigue and mystery behind it all if the general public warms to the appeal inside the Wynter Benton messages —helping to drain physical from the marketplace. And since the propagation of the story alone (true or not) is enough to create sensational theatre, my plan is to gun this baby with rocket juice and see what happens.

I believe there are enough clues out there to dig out personalities and origins from words and word choice alone. For example, it's a good guess that 'Blythe's Mum' over at SilverGoldSilver, used to go under the moniker of 'Mohammed Applebee', based on the humour being the same. The theory is that you can hide behind a name, but you can't hide the thoughts that live in your head — they leak out everywhere, and those unique patterns are a fingerprint to be recognised (the hard part is screening out the noise to find the signal). Methods like this may be able to deconstruct the origins and motives of the Wynter Benton Group, and hopefully give me what I want. Speaking of which, let's be upfront about it all:

  1. Above all I crave THEATRE. I can't help it, I'm an Artist. We artists don't care if the world gets destroyed by aliens or by crazy middle-eastern folk burning the place to bits, so long as it's done in a purposeful and colourful manner, we're happy. I would love nothing more than to drum up this story so that it's the loudest on the internet simply because it's amazing multi-dimensional art. In the last set of messages, spreading the word is what Wynter was trying to do, so perhaps we can take the baton by creating buzz.

  2. Second, I want you to switch off that television and look into the Wynter Benton story yourself and then go and buy a bullion coin, one of those .9999 fine silver rounds and hold it cupped in your hands. The experience will change your life and I'll be better off financially (albeit a very small amount) because you are placing a bid (a very small one) on the world's available physical silver. As with any investment, Do your own due diligence (of course), which also means getting your wife's permission if you are whipped.

  3. Third, I won't falsify anything. While it would be fun to fabricate material to back up our ideas and speculations, that's not going to help anyone so we simply won't do it.

  4. Fourth, there is no such thing as a bad idea. Each of us operates within the scope of our own experiences and knowledge. The idea behind a think tank is to throw ideas out there – no matter how wild, and see which ones hold up under their own merit. If I'm wrong about something then I'll correct it. Remember I'm just a guy connecting the dots like the rest of you.

  5. Fifth, I absolutely want to discover the occult workings (occult means 'hidden', before anyone gets too excited) of what is going on in the financial world. I know I'm not privy to see 'what goes on behind the wall', but since I am affected by it, I want to know.

If you're a friend of Wynter Benton too, why don't you stop by occasionally (or just buy a bullion coin with your spare change); we'll do our best to collate all the latest Wynter Benton mystery and rumours and put it here in one place. We also have the door open for the Wynter Benton group themselves, they have posted here once and we hope they will do it again. GAME ON! GO WYNTER!

Image courtesy of Perth Mint (not actual size), these are expensive bastards (high premium) but are nice to look at and hold.


sierra_hpbt said...

with silver being up over night, I am not ruling anything out.. I thought for sure we would be down this morning. Thanks for the post.

Louis Cypher said...

Don't forget to sign your work Warren

Saul said...

I agree, lot's of drama recently. Good vs Evil? Perhaps...

Warren James said...

Oops, yep I'll tag my posts as Guest Post from now on. That was my first-ever blog post. @Saul, yes the 'good vs. evil' theme is worth exploring -- it's one element in this whole puzzle that is not getting attention by anyone out there. This blog is a perfect venue for it.