Who is Winter Benton? Is Silver about to go through the roof?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article is retained for historical purposes only. Please do question the motives of anyone who promotes this material. Do your own due diligence before investing in silver, and please follow our latest opinions such as our expose on SGS and SprottPlease also read our new Wynter Benton report card (added 22 Sep 2011):
(added Oct 2012) Also, our comprehensive Wynter Benton Summary (final wrap-up and conclusions of the FRAUD): http://screwtapefiles.blogspot.com/p/wynter-benton-myth.html

There has been a lot of speculation whether this person is the real deal or someone yanking the collective chain of the Silver bugs.
When Winter Benton first popped up on the scene he or she was met with skepticism by many but welcomed by others as a savior.
Winter claims to be the spokesperson for a group of pissed off ex-JPM employees who know how to game the system in their favor. The fact that everyone has the same know how since the Hunt Brothers tried it is besides the point. Winter points out they have the Blythe Masters playbook as they are ex-JPM.
They have a damn good idea how much silver is in the Comex and they know how much to squeeze.
The intention here is to stand for delivery and then accept a premium in dollars instead of taking the Silver. Then do the same thing the following month. In other words break the Comex.

For those who haven't been following along with the latest goings on in the Silver internet rumor mill I challenged Winter to prove what he/ she was saying via the http://tfmetalsreport.blogspot.com/

To summarize (and I pulled this from my post at Turd's)
"I simply challenged Winter Benton to provide some proof and the way to do it. I invited Winter Benton to email Turd or any well known blogger with a prediction or post the prediction on another forum under a different name for posterity.
Somebody from this site posted the challenge on the Yahoo message board or WB read it here.

WB may or may not have emailed Turd or someone else. I don't know and I don't visit the Yahoo message boards very often. I only found out about the counter challenge when AGoldhmampster pointed it out.

WB responded with a challenge or puzzle to me to find the post. I found the post.

If WB wants me to post the info before the fact that is his / her / their call and I will respect that.
I'm sure someone else may figure out the clues and post them. I don't know. I did take a screen shot with the prediction.

I am not taunting or playing games. Not my style.
End of story."

So is Winter the real deal? Based on what they have written:

They obviously know what they are talking about. Savvy enough to generate a stir. The proof one way or another will be obvious by the end of this month if not a sooner. However, even if the prediction is stone cold perfect it can always be argued that Tech analysis was pointing this way anyway. The proof will be in the COT report and if the same action happens the following month.

If they are who they say they are Blythe Masters will be "spending more time with her family (of wolves)" 

Either way I am more than happy to relay the info with the caveat that the reader makes up their own mind as to what is real and what's fake.

For you old timers might remember a famous hoax when the internet first got into the public hands about a guy who claimed to be posting from the future. This went on for a long time with many people suckered into the story. There are a great many hoaxes on the internet. But we only get hustled when we want to get hustled.

To summarize for the hard of hearing. I don't know if Winter is fake. I don't know if Winter is real. The silver bug in me wants to believe :)

Always DYODD (Do your own due diligence)

Just checked the Yahoo forum and saw this message from 8.13 PM

"LC has figured out my message. I think it might be better this time if we reveal the message after the event instead of before the event. Perhaps it will make better theater as they say.

Let's see if things turn out as I have said they should.

Good luck to you, Louis."

More from Wynter_Benton crew here

I will be compiling all the messages this weekend into one coherent and logical post for study.

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reefman said...

Wynter's "AIN" cryptic post revealed?:

"since you were defining whether we "won" or lost versus blythe last week, I will define what our group considers winning and losing. If by the middle of march or sooner, silver trades above $37, then we consider it a win. If during this timeframe, silver trades between $33-$37, then we consider it a draw. If silver does not trade over $33 during this timeframe, then we will consider this a defeat.

That is our standard definition for a win, a lost, and a draw versus Blythe."


reefman said...

Trying out making a link, linkable:

Wynter Benton's Link

Anonymous said...

screwtapefiles, thank you for sharing this post with us. WB's post is very "interesting" indeed. Let's see if it gets galactic.

Anonymous said...

We shall see...

GREAT theater though.

PS Did you let Turd know?

Warren James said...

(As you point out) the similarity to John Titor is intriguing - certainly would make a great thriller/action novel. Can someone suggest she start a blog? That seems to be the content delivery of choice these days and would give her team a central point of reference.

Louis Cypher said...

Warren, an old timer huh?

Cris, I did not. WB made no request for me to do that.

Silverto500, My pleasure. Great Theater. I have made no trades based on the info as there will be time after confirmation.

Reefman, That ain't it.

Anonymous said...

AIN = All In Now
pushing it up till 34,50 oz

Louis Cypher said...

AIN = the stock symbol. Yahoo message boards.